Thursday, October 9, 2014

Four things Thursday

1. I fully admit to being dumb and trying to do too much too early and not letting myself recover. I really appreciate everyone who has had a c-section commenting and sharing their experience and saying nice things. I went to my doctor today for my follow up and asked her about what I could and couldn't do, and I summed up her advice as "don't be dumb". She agreed. I will now work on not being dumb. (For the record, my husband did offer to clean the floors but I felt bad since he's already doing everything and did it myself anyway. Dumb.)

2. I'm now allowed to drive again! Although I don't really want to go anywhere, as I have everything I need at home.

But now I can. Luckily for me I'm not really one prone to cabin fever. I'm perfectly happy to have a week of snow days where I don't see the outside world other than through the window. That mentality works out pretty well while caring for your first brand new baby. We did stop at Trader Joes on the way back from the doctor, and I got a few groceries. It was my first time going to a place that wasn't a doctor's office. It doesn't really count since I went in alone while Eric and Dalton stayed in the car, but still. But it was exciting to be in a grocery store and be like "Now I can eat whatever I want!"

3. I made a pregnancy/baby page with all the posts I wrote about pregnancy. There were more than I thought, so I figured I might as well catalogue them. It's been a project spanning several days. I also saved all my pregnancy posts as word documents during the process so I can look back on them someday when Blogger is but a memory. If I'd been smart, I would have been doing this all along, possibly with all my posts. But I'm not smart.

Shocking, I know.

4. I made lactation cookies. I didn't even know this was a thing.

The ingredients that make the magic happen.
Supposedly it works, so, best case scenario, you help your baby, worst case scenario, you just eat cookies. It's a win win. They are cooling now, so I'll report back on the taste (but there's butter and sugar and chocolate chips, so I feel it's safe to say they will be delicious).

I guess they don't actually look like much. Too bad you can't smell them.

One more thing -We are committed to trying the Little Caesars pretzel crust pizza tonight, so hopefully I can report back on that as well. Who said the romance dies when you become parents? We're still living life in the fast lane, clearly.
Would you get cabin fever never leaving your home, or are you more like me and could take or leave the outside world?


  1. I lost my mind after two weeks of not going out.

  2. I wish I never had to leave my house again except to run. My kids would end up freaky like me, but I wouldn't have to be polite to random people.

  3. I've been thinking of making lactation cookies. Not sure which aisle to find the brewers yeast... baking aisle?
    I need to try that pretzel pizza!!

  4. I get cabin fever really badly. My maternity leave was really tough for me-- seeing no one but a tiny baby who didn't talk back made me go a little nutty. I was also really adrift without having work-work every day. Even though I was taking care of a tiny new human and not sleeping much, I still felt the need to clean, do laundry, cook, and every other possible thing so I could justify my existence to my husband when he came home. He definitely concurred that I had gone a little nutty. When it was time to go back to work after 12 weeks, I was ready

  5. I am a homebody and I don't think cabin fever affects me as long as I can go for a run :)

  6. I can stay home - voluntarily - for weeks on end without any problem but when winter comes and a vicious nor'easter makes the roads impassable for days then I get raging cabin fever. The key, I guess, is it has to be my choice.

  7. I am a total homebody through and through so I have a feeling I'd be perfectly fine being at home for a while, though I do get antsy after a couple of weeks where Redbox and takeout are our only "dates"
    I'm also looking forward to Eric manning up and taking care of the housework when we have a baby, since I've been 80% responsible for household duties the past four years (he's slowly adapting to more and more responsibility. Tomorrow, I'm sending him to Costco on his own!) Plus, I'll be 100% responsible for feeding the baby and making sure it stays alive.


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