Sunday, October 5, 2014

I don't miss you, exercise

Once upon a time I thought I liked exercising. Every time in the past I had to abstain due to injury or illness, I missed it desperately. Especially running. I use the Timehop app (it tells you everything you ever posted to social media on today's date in past years) to take a little walk down memory lane each morning. It's always like "once you ran 8 miles!" and I'm like "who would do that? That sounds insane!".

I started following as many blogs as I could of people due around the same time as me while pregnant. Now all the babies are out and all the bloggers are like "OMG can't wait to RUUUUUNNNNN skinny jeans and getting my diet under control yayyyyy!". And I'm over here like "Eric, bring me another cookie". I miss exercise.... zero.

In other news, I'm not a completely different person. I baked cookies. Pumpkin white chocolate snickerdoodles. Because the five bags of candy and two packages of pumpkin spice Oreos people have brought me weren't enough.

I had to zoom in to cover up how many are already gone.
The weather was really nice last week, so we took the stroller and Dalton out on an inaugural walk. At first he loved it. Then he slept. Then he hated it and we rushed home.

Still considering before forming an opinion.

Friday was better. He hated it only for a few minutes. Both times we walked to Chic-Fil-A because they had free iced coffee all week.

Deep conversations while they waited for me to get my coffee.
So far, my proudest postpartum accomplishment is getting the free coffee 6/7 days. I would have hit 100% but they ran out on Wednesday.

I liked getting out, and would have continued the tradition, but on Saturday my incision was really sore, so I decided to revert to letting others do everything for me (like going to Chic-fil-a for my iced coffee). It was just as well, because we had a big day scheduled.

First, it was Dalton's turn to wear this amazing onesie. If you don't get it, click this link, read this post, or just appreciate the adorableness of father/son matching outfits.

Matching poses too - I die
Then Dalton met his best friend, Nathan. It was his first time meeting another baby. They were both born on their due dates, exactly four months apart!

Just check out that head comparison
I babysat Nathan a few weeks before Dalton was born, and then, he seemed like a normal baby size to me. After spending a week and a half with my little 6-7 pound peanut, Nathan suddenly seemed huge. I was holding him and felt inappropriate, like I was holding an adult or something, or like I was Gulliver holding a baby, but a baby in the land of the giants. I cannot believe a baby can grow that much in four months.

Shortly after our playdate, my dad arrived from New York. Dalton has now officially met all his grandparents!

He even woke up for a little of the visit!

I'm not saying it's THE reason to have a baby, but if you are on the fence, just consider that unless you are actually rich, like really rich, it's the closest you'll probably ever get to a life of leisure.  I haven't made myself a single meal since he was born, unless you count putting delicious food others have made in the microwave. Carolyn and John brought us lunch from Chic-Fil-A for our baby playdate. My dad brought all the ingredients for his famous jambalaya, and not only made it for us, but cleaned everything up too. And he even brought over Wegmans bagels and coffee for breakfast this morning.

All you have to do is trade some sleep. Well worth it.

Too little to fit into pants, so it's a family pj party up in here.
Would you rather have someone cook or clean for you full time? It's hard to say, because I like cooking and hate cleaning, but on the other hand, cleaning can be put off, while eating is essential. I'd go with a full time maid if forced to choose, though.


  1. I would love a maid. Then again I did celebrate leif napping again today by cleaning all of the bathrooms.

    I would like that pumpkin cookie recipe please.

  2. Can't wait till the boys wear their matching shirts and dads eat all the bacon they can handle!

  3. Clean! Well, are they also doing dishes too? That has to be part of the deal.

    I'm so excited to meet Dalton this week!!

  4. I think it took me a good month before I wanted to run again. I waited until I had my 6 week check up before I attempted it though. I took a ton of walks with the baby until then. My mom signed me up for a 5k that I ran this past weekend at 9 weeks pp and it went better than I expected. Still five minutes off my PR but I was surprised even by that time!
    I'd definitely choose a maid because I hate cleaning!

  5. I love your admission of not wanting to workout. There is no reason that we should feel pressured to get back out there. Me personally, I just want to get out of the house and sweat it out. My body craves the endorphins. But I've completely loved being pampered these past few weeks. My MIL has been staying with us and she's cooked and done laundry and even mopped floors, planted herbs in our garden and cleaned our bathrooms for us. I've felt bad actually sitting around, but she insisted. And yes, the trade off of sleep is quite the expense.
    Glad I found your blog. Congrats on your new addition.

  6. for sure full-time maid. I can make my husband cook ; )

    How did you find blogs with other pregnant bloggers due around the same time as you? I'm looking for some tips


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