Friday, July 19, 2013

5 years!

The worst kind of runs are the ones that should be easy, but instead are insanely hard. No one minds when like, sets of 800s at the track are hard, because you go in knowing it will suck. But, for example, when you go out for a 5 mile run "easy" run at 6am and can't even make it through without walking, that's annoying. It happened to me Wednesday.

Even worse, Thursday's run. 3 miles on the freaking treadmill, and I was tempted to walk. I really don't think I should ever feel that way while running on a flat surface in air conditioning.

I may have figured out the culprit though. This week, I finally started biking to work again. So just before my run, I'd biked home in this.

Feels like 112. 
Yeah, whatever, it's summer, ok it's supposed to be hot, but there's hot and then there's AC barely working/still over 100 at 9:30pm/can't breathe because the air sucks situations, and we're in the latter.

Still, I'm liking biking to work. I've been getting to observe some sort of skeleton on the side of the road each day. I really didn't want to get completely out of biking shape, but I seem to have lost motivation with no triathlons this summer. It forces me to get a few miles in, and to my uneducated mind, I seem to be working different muscles than I do while running.  It's only 7 miles round trip, so it's not like I'm reducing my carbon footprint a massive amount, but every little bit helps, right?

I would also recommend because just on the incredibly off chance that something....maybe plucks your nerves at work, it really helps calm you down a lot more than just sitting in the car stewing all the way home.

Oh, I forgot to mention, there is another reason my 3 miler was so tough. Yesterday was our 5 year wedding anniversary, and I really wanted to make the day special.

This made me so glad I got a dress without a train.
Since our big celebration is going on a cruise next month, we kept things low key yesterday, and just had dinner at home, but we did toast with this champagne we brought back from our trip to Napa. I also made some collages.

Our wedding had karaoke.

In honor of our anniversary, here's a list of reasons why I love my husband.

JUST KIDDING. No one wants to read that shit. I live with him, I can actually just tell him that and NOT put it on the internet. Bloggers, and especially people on my Facebook feed, take note.

I know I give a lot of sarcastic advice, but I'm about to lay some serious wisdom on any unmarried ladies out there. Get a videographer for your wedding. We watch our wedding video every year on our anniversary, and it's so much fun. A lot of brides say stuff like "no, I need the money for my flower budget!" but trust me, those are going to die and no one will remember them, but you'll have your video forever. As the bride, it's the only way you'll ever see the ceremony, and there's tons of funny stuff in ours that we would never remember if it hadn't been recorded. 

Ok, if you suffered through my advice, which was probably pointless for most people since I think a lot of commenters are already married, here's a special treat. Our wedding dance. It took me five whole years to finally get it from the DVD to the internet, and I almost lost my mind with excitement yesterday when it was up. I'm thinking maybe for ten years I can improve the quality.

You may have noticed, if you are a child of the 80s, that the dance started off to Forever, by Jesse and the Rippers. You may also know that they are reuniting TONIGHT for the first time on TV. Pretty sure that can't be a coincidence. I don't even have plans, so I was all excited to watch them, until my mom informed me that the show airs at 12:30am, and I was all like "WHAT? That's not happening" and she was like "well it's the LATE show, when did you think it aired?" and I was like "um, maybe like 10pm?". Cool story, bro. So she's DVRing it for me to watch in 2 weeks when we visit for Harrison's first birthday. 

What was or what do you want to be your wedding song?

Did you ever do anything crazy in your wedding dress after the big day?

Thoughts on our AMAZEBALLS, EPIC dance?


  1. my 4 year anniversary is next thurs! but i won't be running on a treadmill in my wedding dress :)

    i love your epic dance! i generally like when people do something different at weddings. breaks up the stuffiness. me and my bridesmaids did thriller. totally rehearsed and choreographed. it was awesome.

    happy anniversary!

  2. Your videographer argument negates itself. If I use my flower budget on a videographer because no one will see the flowers, the lack of flowers will be forever evident in my video. GOSH!

    Our wedding song was In My Life by the Beatles. However, I think our best music choice was being introduced to Thunderstruck by AC/DC.

    My wedding dress is in a box, so I haven't seen it since the wedding.

  3. Can't believe you are married FIVE years! Happy anniversary. How fun to see that video! I'd completely forgotten the wedding dance.

    I also can't believe Harrison is turning one! Give him a big kiss from me.

  4. Watching your video has made me even more sad that we didn't know each other back then so I could have attending this wondrous event.

    Our wedding song was a country song that you've probably never heard of and would hate if I did hear it.

    My wedding dress is sitting in a box being worthless.

  5. So happy to see this dance! Hope you are even happier today! Such a cute couple!

  6. Happy anniversary!

  7. Basically, this video just made me sad that we weren't friends five years ago so I missed this epic party!

    We didn't get a videographer and now I definitely wished we had. I would love to see video of our was such an awesome party. Now I know why people renew their you can have another awesome party!

  8. 1. LOVE your blog! As a busy working mother runner I don't have a ton of time to read a million blogs but I follow you for sure!
    2. Loved the wedding dance! We had a videographer & got some gut wrenchingly hilarious footage of my sister playing air guitar to black better . . . .super funny!

    3. I'm training for my 3rd marathon & totally addicted after a 65 min PR in June!!!! Check out my blog @.

  9. I love the video, what a great first dance! My dress is still hanging in my closet, maybe I'll wear it again some day, it would make a perfect Marilyn Monroe costume!

  10. That video was awesome. I've pretty much already decided that when I get married, I am just going to hire someone to plan the whole thing for me so all I have to do is show up on the wedding day.

  11. Happy Anniversary! I really enjoyed the dance video because it seems to suit you guys. Why dance to a slow song when you can do that?! Our first dance was Love Song by 311 which Allan picked.

  12. 1. Harrison's birthday. OMG.

    2. We are having serious trouble deciding on a first dance song. Maybe it'll be like the time we couldn't decide on a name for our child until about 2 months before the birthing.

    3. I know I need a videographer but ughh moneyyyyy


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