Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My unpopular hatred of Pinterest

Yesterday I posted about how great it is to have blogger friends. Another benefit is that I don't even have to blog about the 50k I have coming up on Sunday, because Kara already posted all about it. This is particularly helpful for me because the extent of my preparation has been extensively researching what cake I want to bake to eat afterwards, and crossing my fingers that I can make up some time by not getting stung by a bee like last year

So I'm "tapering" this week, or doing what would be considered tapering if I had been running really high mileage for the past few weeks. Let's just say I started my taper early, like right after my 62 mile birthday week in the middle of June. 

I continue to fail at waking up before work (I'm teaching summer school), but in all fairness it's not my fault because my alarm didn't go off yesterday. Yesterday, I ran 8 miles on the treadmill at an 8:52 pace. I thought my treadmill mental endurance was finally increasing, because it seemed to fly by. Then I made the tremendous mistake of bragging about that to Eric, and for today's 7 miles (8:56 pace) on the treadmill, I was back to "AM I DONE YET" every .06 miles. If there's one way to prepare for an insanely hot, sort-of but not really hilly trail run, it's in air conditioning on a treadmill with no incline. 

Monday night I actually used Pinterest for something other than dessert recipes or funny memes. I didn't stray far, but it was something. I made Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers, and even Eric agreed they were amazing.

The recipe was weird, it was just ingredients and a series of pictures. I guess that's where society is headed. Forget fooling around with that pesky reading.

Despite that success, I still hate Pinterest. Yesterday, I told my friend I hate Pinterest. She's one of those damn crafty wizards where everything she touches turns to adorable. Her reaction (shared by everyone at the table at work) was as though I'd said I hate puppies. I should know, because I do hate puppies and I'm not afraid to tell people.

Unrelated except that it's further proof of my social awkwardness, Eric and I have been really busy visiting our friends because they've all bought new houses and of course we want to see them. I'm really happy for each and every one of them. I'm also proud to report that I've come a long way in containing my jealous rages. Yesterday, when we pulled into our parking lot, I didn't even feel the urge to gouge my eyes out with a spoon, in order to avoid having to see our apartment, with that cheap, sticky supposed to be but not really white paint, bargain basement leftover appliances, and my horrendous lack of decorating skills. Granted the last one will be a problem no matter where we live, but it doesn't help matters at all currently.

What do you hate that everyone else seems to love?


  1. Twitter! I don't understand even the simplest tweet! No amount of "it takes time you will figure it out" is going to make me like Twitter!

  2. It sounds like your apartment needs to be more Pinteresting.

    I think we all know how much I hate everything, so no need to list it all here.

  3. It really does, but first it would need some occupants who care and are motivated to do that shit, so it's probably SOL.

  4. Bacon. Seriously, it's not good. I'm not sure if I think that just because my subconscious is telling me what it's doing to my arteries, but regardless...blah.

  5. Cilantro. Everyone loves it and would probably choose to eat it as a salad alone but I can't stand the stuff.

    I also am not a fan of dogs. I hate their wet noses touching my bare legs when I wear shorts.

    I really hate really happy people because honestly, who can be that happy? What's there to be that happy about?

  6. I hate people that are negative all the time and never have anything good to say. I hate onions, freaking gross disgusting and nothing good about them. I hate not being able to run when I want to.

  7. Kale. Gross. Tried to make kale chips once and it was a huge fail.

    Also: Channing Tatum. He looks like a thumb.

  8. I'm pretty sure if pinterest doesn't make you dissatisfied with your own life, something is wrong with you.

  9. Funniest comments ever. I hate Jack Nicholson. I want to leap through the screen and slit his throat. Or I would, if I ever watched anything he's in. Which I don't.

    I hate doing social media for clients. H.A.T.E

    Hating is fun. Up with hating.

  10. i hate twitter (and i already discussed my hatred toward pinterest). not sure why i even have an account. i'm hoping instagram kills twitter eventually. i don't even hate read blogs anymore b/c of instagram!

    i also hate justin bieber.

  11. I hate people most of the time...So you can imagine how that works out.

  12. I hate Pinterest and yet all my recipes come from there. I also hate crafty people. But not puppies. Puppies are awesome.

  13. Sausage. Why is it so weird and grainy?

    Justin Beiber.

    People who post political rants on FB/Twitter etc. I don't freaking care about your opinions!

  14. I'm anti-Pinterest as well. I just don't need another social media site that makes me feel bad about my life. I'm not really all that crafty and I don't have time to care about crafts.
    Whenever I go to other people's homes/apartments and see how nicely they are decorated it makes me a bit jealous. And then I think I should decorate my apartment, but I hate decorating and/or spending money on that stuff so my apt stays like a college dorm room. Oh well.

  15. Seafood. Growing up in Colorado, I just don't feel like I ever ate any seafood (or good seafood). Now that I'm on the East Coast, people think I'm abnormal for not liking it.


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