Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Post partum exercise check in

I’m pretty sure I can’t say that I have a “newborn” anymore (tear), nor can I use post-partum recovery as an excuse not to exercise anymore.
I outlined my post baby workout/health plans on the blog at 34 weeks pregnant. I didn’t really count any exercise I did on maternity leave, since that was a vacation from real life. Now that I’m attempting to get into a routine, I think it would be a good time to see how I’m doing.

My original goals are in black (wow I’m wordy. I had to delete so much text.)

1. I won't be doing any exercise before I'm cleared by my doctor. Nailed it. I did little other than absolute basic baby care and played the “I just got sawed in half and now I’m this child’s only source of sustenance” card to the best of my ability. I often got meals brought to me. If I was wearing one of those fit bit things, it would probably have registered negative movement unless I accidently triggered it by forcefully bringing mac and cheese to my mouth.
2. I won't be making a paper chain like the kind kids make to count down for Christmas to count down to when I can run/exercise again after delivery. I'll start when I feel ready. I did run as soon as I got home from the doctor’s office to get cleared. Apparently I like it more than I thought. But I wasn’t stupid. My first run was a whole mile!

3. Once I return to work, I'm hoping to do some type of workout 5 days a week. So far, so good. Last week I even worked out 6 times! Full disclosure though, since I’ve been back we’ve had a ton of snow delays which helped.

4. Eating. I actually have no plan here except that I definitely plan to continue doing it. Yup. Stuck with that one on a daily basis. Be inspired.

Moving on to my current lifestyle compared to when I was in my racing heyday.
  • What I consider an acceptable workout has drastically changed.
This is now a long run.

Since I exercise in the morning, pretty much anything other than sleeping counts. A two mile run at an 11 minute mile pace would have been a disgrace for past me, now it’s a win. This morning I managed to pump, run 3 miles in under 30 minutes, get ready, get Dalton mostly ready (Eric finishes the job), and sit down at my non-desk by 7:15am.
This is how I get ready for the day now.
I did forget half my breakfast, and also, to do all that, something has to go. In my case it’s washing my hair and making the bed. I still feel it’s an accomplishment. I know many people bounce back to running much faster, but that brings me to my next point.
  • Running is just not a priority. Back in the day, training for races was paramount. If that meant getting up at 3am to get a 20 mile run in before a work day, so be it. Now, exercise is just to stay healthy, not suffer a rage stroke at work, and avoid buying new pants. I think I heard that people should aim for 30 minutes, 5 times a week, and that sounds just fine to me. During the week, that’s obviously to conserve sleep. But even on the weekends, when I could get in a longer workout, I’m just not interested. I guess right now, it’s a means to an end, not a hobby. Plus, I just downloaded Trivia Crack.

But how can I be a #motherrunner if I don’t pose with my kid in a finish line photo and hashtag the crap out of it?

Racing is so not on my radar right now. I thought I would miss it, like I did end up missing running, but I so do not (yet). I can’t even imagine trying to add following a training plan to my plate. The thought of paying money to wake up earlier than I need to on a Saturday makes me want to vomit. I look forward to not setting an alarm all week. It takes so much stress off those 3:30am feedings when I don’t have to wake up an hour later. Not to mention the fact that I’ve ran outdoors like, twice since July.
Also, if I was going to do a race, I would go by myself, and let Dalton and Eric stay warm and comfy at home.
He loves me. I swear.

I definitely would like to return to racing at some point, although I’m not sure I see more 50 milers in my near future. I think for my sanity, that point shouldn’t occur until two important things happen.

1.      My kid is weaned.

2.      He’s sleeping through the night.

I’m not known for always making wise choices, so who knows how this will actually shake out. That’s where I’m at right now, though.
Where does exercise fall in your list of priorities? It's somewhere below coffee but above cleaning (what isn't?).


  1. I thought about running a half when leif was 6 months old but the thought also made me want to vomit. I am on the same wave length as you now. Until my body isn't necessary for food, I'm sticking with running under an hour.

  2. So I do not have a baby, but running falls in that same spectrum.

    Although I did wake up at 3:30 this morning to fit in 9mi before meeting my team for work at 6:30am. I actually woke up a solid 15min earlier than I had to so that I could drink coffee before running. So yes, coffee is still more important than running...but because running apparently depends on it :)

    Also, I love your comment on 50milers. You're totally thinking about it. Speaking of which, Kara is hosting a 50k in a month. Remember when we ran those things for fun? That seems FAR now!

  3. First off, the dinosaur hat and pea coat are killing me! So adorable.
    As you know, I agree with you 100% on this. (I'm also sometimes jealous of your treadmill). I feel like we are having almost the same experiences from similar pregnancies to similar post partum experiences (aside from me not being sliced open). I did run a couple races but one was more an excuse to visit my parents and the other one was an 'if I'm already awake and want to run, why not?' since it was so close to my house. Jude came to the first one but that was only because he had to eat afterwards.

  4. I went back to racing but the expectations just changed. They had to shift with my new lifestyle. I "follow" a training plan but don't really give a shit if I miss a run or not. I've also focused more on shorter, fun races. Because I like to race.


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