Monday, January 31, 2011

Beaten with the tired stick

That's pretty much the only way I could describe how I felt after the half marathon on Saturday. The only thing that kept me from sleeping all day was the constant getting up to get more food.

I got an email inviting me to game night, which I was super excited about for several reasons.

1. I love board games
2. I could drink wine for free (note - if I don't pay for something the moment I use it, it's "free". Example: $6 for a glass of wine at a bar - not free. Drinking wine I purchased two weeks ago: free.)
3. I could wear sweatpants, my race tshirt, and my medal.
4. The email said there would be more food there.

This is basically my ideal social event. It includes only my close friends, aka no annoying random people you might encounter out in public, it involves no beauty rituals other than showering, its cheap, and it was guaranteed to be super fun.
 It got even better once I arrived and found out that Casi had brought one of my favorite wines that I didn't even think was sold around here, and that all three girls had provided a dessert, which meant I got three times as much sugar. Heaven.

However, eventually I fell asleep on the couch, despite awesome entertainment such asJenga, Scribblish, and Taboo. And this:
That's right. On demand karaoke with a self inflating whoopie cushion.

The beating continued Sunday morning, but after a ridiculous amount of coffee I managed to bang out a 10K (6.2 miles) and Jillian's 6 Pack Abs, level 2. It was 37 degrees with no wind chill, practically summer! I got to run with no gloves, ear warmers, and only one layer of clothing, it was so freeing.

After that, my annoying normal energy was back and the night got really awesome, but more on that later.

This is the point when marathon training gets super scary. All the runs are at their longest points. I just did a 5 mile "easy" run, which didn't feel so easy, followed by another round of Jillian, which was definitely not easy. Not going to lie, I'm really glad this is the last week of the challenge! This week's tempo run is 8 miles - AHHHH so frightening! But if I can power through February I get to start tapering in March.

My ankles are still really sore, and Amanda suggested trail running to strengthen them, so I think I might look into that.

Do you like game nights ? What's your favorite game?


  1. Favorite game hands down is Taboo. Although, if there was a game called Beaten with a Tired Stick...that might be my favorite.

  2. That is my FAVORITE kind of night, too. White wine is my BFF, especially if I already have it, I don't have to get ready, or come home smelling like I just sat in a tight closed space and smoked a pack of cigs. SICK. My favorite games at game night are MadGab and The Game of Things. Every once in a while we put on one heck of a Rock Band show. : )

  3. I'm impressed you ran the next day, I bet you were sore (at least in your ankles!). I'm doing some trail races this spring/summer and it's so different than running on pavement, but it's a fun challenge :)


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