Thursday, January 6, 2011

Squats = pain

I had the best breakfast yesterday, like so good I kept thinking about it all day, which is a completely normal thing to do.

I am normally all about the sweet breakfasts but for some reason while giving up sugar and racking my brain for breakfast ideas the idea of a savory breakfast never came up. Maybe I should add learning to think outside the box to my New Year's Resolutions for 2012. I saw Caitlin's recipe for savory oats with cheese and an egg on top and it sounded amazing - and it was. If you ever need breakfast ideas, check out her blog, hers always make me want to lick the bowl clean....not that I ever do that, obviously I'm too classy.

I was all excited for an easy Zumba day yesterday, until the instructor decided for our last class she would celebrate by throwing in 8 million lunges and squats. I was surprised because it was a bit of an increase from our usual total of zero. My legs are sad.

BUT by some miracle I still did Jillian's 6 pack abs when I got home! This is so much work that in 6 weeks when you see me wearing nothing but belly shirts you'll know why.....

Speaking of me looking ridiculous and having no shame, sometimes after cold runs I can't warm up. Then instead of getting dressed for work, this happens:
My sweater and khakis weren't quite cutting it this morning, especially since I needed to ice my knees. Clearly I had two options, just eat my breakfast alone in my apartment like this and no one had to know, or take pictures and post them on the internet. I stand by my choice.

Now we will just have to wait and see if I go back to the sweater and khakis or if this is how I show up at work.....

Tempo run got cut a little short this morning, from 6 miles to 5, since both me and Lily had some sore legs. As soon as the squats began yesterday, I had a bit of a feeling that would be the case. We were a little chatty at first so my splits are a little slower than they have been.


Oh well, it was Lily's first tempo run and I convinced her of how awesome (read: painful) they are so she's a convert! Seriously though, I do think they really help improve your speed.

I'm planning on some Bikram tonight plus I did Yoga for Runners last night so that is one New Year's Resolution I am kicking ass on. The organization thing not so much yet.....

3 days sugar free and counting!

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  1. haha, that pic is great! Sometimes I wrap my night shirt around my head if I don't want to wash my hair. That breakfast looks yummo!


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