Saturday, January 15, 2011

When the cat's away the mouse will play

Does anyone else have a fear that when they leave their husband or boyfriend alone in the house for a weekend they will revert back to their original bachelor ways and forget all you've taught them?

It's never happened in all the weekends I've left, but I still worry that I'll return home and my apartment will resemble Eric's old apartment that he lived in when we met. It was actually kept pretty clean for a man living alone, except that dishes didn't get done until there were no more dishes to eat off of. And since I've confessed my clean dish obsession, you might be able guess how I feel about that.
In fact, I think the last time I left for the weekend to go to a shower/bachlorette party, I came home to a spanking clean toilet, which is a task I avoid like the plague. Here's hoping this weekend goes just as well....

Speaking of things learned in marriage, here's what I believe are the top three things I've learned in my 2.5 years as a dutiful wife:
1. RAP MUSIC - enough said 2. spending hours stressing over thing I can't change is actually pointless and should be avoided - as long as you have a roof, food, and your health, all the other things will work themselves out

3. the importance of putting your own comfort aside sometimes for those you love - he does this for me all the time and I'm...uh....working on it....I like my comfort. A LOT.

And the top three things I believe my wonderful husband has learned:
1. The names and how to identify all the major vegetables

2. Exercise can actually be fun, like playing kickball or going on a walk together (coming from playing football in college he associated exercise with pain and people yelling at you)

3. The joys of Broadway - he knows every word to Defying Gravity and regularly watches it on youtube or blasts the Wicked soundtrack.

I didn't even plan that but I guess we have both influenced each other's musical tastes!

So I just asked Eric what are the top three things I've taught him and here's his response:
1. Listen to your wife
2. That veggies can taste good
3. That expressing feelings and talking are important

And the top three he's taught me:
1. Rap music is not all bad

2. The rules of football and basketball

3. The word "tork" is funny (no idea how to spell it or what it means)

He couldn't really think of a third and I was pressuring him so I could publish.

Crazy that we both were so similar in our opinions without him knowing what I had said - I actually double checked that I hadn't hit publish by mistake!

My number one hope and dream for this weekend is that the Christmas tree will be down so I can stop being embarrased when I post pictures.....

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