Saturday, January 8, 2011


My first run that I didn't finish happened this morning! Well, technically I ran back to my starting point, so I guess I did "finish", because I wasn't found on the side of the road or anything. But instead of our planned 16 miles, we did 14.5.

I have a serious problem with my type A personality when it comes to training plans so that's kind of a big deal to me. Most people would take pride in the fact that they woke up at 530 am on a Saturday to run 14.5 miles in the snow, but as this blog has made quite clear, I am not normal. So I'm just trying to be proud of myself for actually listening to my body instead of the training plan for once. It was a rough week of workouts, and my legs were sore.

Plus I'm not sure I did a great job replacing the calories that I was eliminated by skipping desserts? I am not trying to lose weight so I need to replace the sugar calories with something else. I ate a lot more healthy fats than normal (almonds, olive oil, avocado, etc), which is probably good.

Who knows, some runs are better than others. This one featured my usual fantastic training buddies plus a surprise visit from an old friend I hadn't seen since the Baltimore Marathon, so it was great to catch up.

Yesterday was my rest day but I still managed to fit in Jillian's 6 weeks to 6 pack that's three times for this week! Might try to squeeze another one in tomorrow. I also took a "before" picture of my abs. I am not going to post it on the blog (or anywhere), but if you are really lucky, I'll post a picture of a biggest loser contestant next to a picture of Gwen Stefani's abs in 5 more weeks to illustrate the drastic improvement in my own abs. You're welcome in advance.

Another happy hour spent drinking water last night - I like the whole hanging out/then owing nothing when the bill comes thing. Plus two former Ravens (Ogden and Ishmail, I heard of them for the first time last night) were guest bartending, so I got two free Raven's Playoffs teeshirts! So technically I came out ahead on this happy I got some good gossip as win.

Sugar Free for 5.5 days - Sunday night will make a whole week! So do I need to wait till Monday to break it, or does Sunday count?

Eric & I are going to see Black Swan tonight. We had an intense discussion on which two celebrities we would most like to see in a lesbian sex scene. Who would you choose?

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