Sunday, January 16, 2011

You know You're a Runner When:

WARNING - NO PICTURES in this post.

Today is a
rest day and since this blog is supposed to be about marathon training I don't have much to say so I might just type up the random thoughts that go through my head. Rest days are a really important, excellent part of training. Last week I thought I could get away with doing Jillian's 6 Pack Abs on my rest day, but since I tired out after like 10 miles on my long run the next day, I think I've rejected that idea.

My legs are sore in really weird places from my run in the snow. Who knows what muscles I used in that crazy business.....

According to Alyssa,

You know You're a Runner When:

1. When driving somewhere new you are craning your neck to check out the sidewalks to see if this is a new running route (hopefully you are the passenger, not the driver)
2. You order water at happy hour and your friends don't even say anything or ask if you are pregnant anymore
3. You've been wearing the same sweaters to work for years but your running gear is always updated
4. You have stop yourself from talking about blisters, black toenails and other gross bodily functions with nonrunning friends because you forget that those aren't normal topics of conversation
5. Frozen vegetables have two primary uses - for food and for icing
6. The hour by hour option on is your best friend
7. You refuse to check your bag because you are afraid it will get lost and it has your running shoes in it
8. You have a favorite flavor of Gu
9. You see other runners running when you are driving somewhere and get jealous (especially if you are driving somewhere really lame, like work)

Having 10 would be way cooler than stopping at 9, so how do you know you're a runner?

I am currently craving a really good run to make up for yesterday. Usually my body uses all its craving energy for chocolate but since I ate about half my weight in chocolate from Wegmans bulk bins (the best kind) last night I guess my craving center decided to donate some towards running.

Not entirely sure if that made sense or not, but I'm still posting it.

I'm having fun spending some quality time with my Dad even though I wish he were feeling better :(. Next time he lies down and I get bored again I'll probably be back on here posting more complete nonsense. Until then.....


  1. I love your top 9!! Have you ever tried the Tri-Berry Gu! I think that's my favorite!! Thanks for stopping by! I think we relate well! I taught first grade last year and moved to 2nd this year! Lots better for me!! I am also training for my first marathon come May 1st!!! Any advice??? :@)

  2. I have used frozen peas to relieve foot pain :)


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