Friday, January 21, 2011

All I want is to perform my civic duty!

I've been obsessed with my blog lately. I wish I could apply that obsession to other things, like doing report cards, cleaning, or not eating massive amounts of chocolate all the time. That's not working out for me though. I saw this To Do list on someecards and wondered who knew me well enough to post that for me to find. ( I removed some letters with spray paint to avoid shocking certain readers - you're welcome Mom!).

I got a jury duty summons a few weeks ago and literally jumped up and down with excitement. If you don't believe me I'll send you Eric's email address and he can confirm.
Last time I went I got $15 to read a book all day, without anyone screaming my name, throwing desks, refusing to get out from under desks, or peeing their pants and not knowing about it until I tell them. Oops....I let you in on the secrets of the glamorous life of a teacher....

But my real dream is to be on a trial. I've been twice before and never even seen the inside of a courtroom.

When I walked into the jury room today, I felt like Lindsay Lohan walking into a bar.
I was that excited.

After some waiting around, they called numbers 11-72. I'm number 72. My reaction was similar to that of a Miss America finalist hearing the other girl's name called as the runner up. My fellow juror's reactions were similar to hearing their dentist tell them they made a mistake, they had not one, but two root canals, and he just ran out of Novocaine.

As soon as I jumped up like I was winning a huge award, we were told that they plea bargained and we weren't needed.

What's your problem, criminal??? Take a risk so I can live out my life's dream!

As soon as I got to my car I discovered I had lost my parking validation, so I'd have to pay the full amount. I was a in a huge line of cars to get out so in my head the lost ticket fee grew from about $17 to more like $4000. When I pulled up, I guess I didn't see the attendant clearly through my hysterical tears so I started off my sob story with "Hello, sir". Well, as soon as that was out of my mouth I realized that "Hello, Ma'am" would have been significantly more helpful in my plea for leniency. Luckily she (he?) didn't seem to notice? She let me out for free with my jury summons. I really need to get on #2 on my to do list.

Fortunately my night is about to get a lot better. Here's some hints: 


Tomorrow morning, I'm tackling 17 miles - my longest run since the marathon...AHHH!


  1. Ok - After I read this and your fill in the blank Friday, I would so want to be your friend in real life. You crack me up!!
    I'm going to see No Strings Attatched Sunday. Hope it's good. HAVE FUN TONIGHT! : )

  2. The part about the dentist is pretty funny. I'm sure if I was a dentist, it would be "evil laugh" funny. But I'm not a dentist.

    Maybe next time you will achieve your goal of being on a jury. Society needs concerned citizens like you (and not like me).

  3. LMAO! I know that Miss America excitement moment. I tend to be too enthusiastic at Dairy Queen when the bored teenager behind the counter says "next!" and I get uber excited because I realize THAT'S ME! My husband tolerates me very well. lol

    Have a great run in the morning!


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