Sunday, January 2, 2011


I think I need to just accept that I am a complete homebody now, and my days of loving going out are over, at least for the time being. Almost every activity is more appealing at home to me. For example - New Year's Eve. Basically, two options exist for this occasion.

Option One: Get dressed up, pay at least $100 in cover charges to go to a place that's normally free, probably continue to pay more for overpriced drinks, get bumped into by strangers, possibly have no where to sit, and have to shout to make myself heard to the people I'm with. At least that's how I see it.

Option Two: Have friends over (for free, with free parking!), wear whatever we want, eat whatever we want, drink wine and beer that is already here, play whatever music we want, be able to talk freely, have plenty of seating, play games, and when the night is over, my bed is mere steps away.

It seems option one is more popular in general, but option two is the way I went. We had four friends over and had a fabulous New Year's. I made pizza crust from scratch in my new breadmaker, (I really made it, Eric just used his 10+ years of pizza hut experience to do the rest) made brownies from scratch for the first time, and everybody brought over healthy, veggie snacks. We didn't even plan it that way! We played Know it or Blow it, a super fun trivia game we got for Christmas, and Scribblish, which had us in hysterics on the floor laughing so hard. We did some on demand karaoke and then it was time for the ball to drop.

Everyone slept over so we didn't have to worry about a DD, or other crazy drunk drivers. It might not have been crazy but it was a perfect New Year's.

Last night we wanted to have date night, and again were faced with two options.

Option One: Go out to dinner and and a movie (Black Swan)
Option Two: Make dinner at home and watch a netflix movie

We went for option two again, although I was dying to go out and see Black Swan, Eric was still a little sick so we felt it was better for him to recover all the way by resting a little more. Even though I had really wanted to go out (and even had a cute new outfit picked out), staying in was once again fabulous. I made some pasta, and we watched Murder by Numbers. The big advantages here were: the pasta was free (it actually was, I had a coupon! the veggies I put in I paid for, but still you get the idea), we ate and watched the movie in our pjs, showering was optional, we got to cuddle on our couch instead of sit in a freezing uncomfortable movie theatre surrounded by annoying texters, and we could pause the movie to go to the bathroom. Again, at the end, we were already home. I'm getting a little worried I'll lose all motivation to ever leave the house again.

In other news, I am attempting my first ever treadmill speedwork later today in my attempt to get over my severe hatred of that machine. I made an interval mix for my new Ipod touch as suggested by Erin, so we'll see how it goes! I will be leaving the house for this workout :)

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  1. Hope the mix gets you through the workout! I just got back from a 30 minute run with a group of friends!!


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