Friday, June 15, 2012

The best job ever

I just started the best job ever. I'm working at a running store.

Not just any running store. Charm City Run, the best running store. They fitted me for my first pair of non - Target running shoes, I trained for my first marathon (and several others) using their training program, and I've been pretty much singing their praises since I first walked in the door. So, I'm pretty excited to be working there.

It's not really a summer job, even though I'll be working a lot more in the summer. I plan on staying as long as they'll let me.

I actually got a phone call about the job Monday morning, but I'm weird and superstitious and was paranoid about triumphantly putting it on the blog until I officially went in and signed on the dotted line. Which I did last night.

All I did was train on using the register, but it was still super exciting. Plus, the two guys I worked with are both doing JFK! They are the first people I've met in real life who will be doing it this year, so we can all commiserate on training.

Since most of my readers are runners, your mind probably immediately went to the same place mine first did: THE DISCOUNT. The discount is sweet, and I am going to constantly need to remind myself that my goal is to end up with more money, not less money. Just a few doors down is a self - serve frozen yogurt place, which is also out to sabotage my goal.

Tonight, Ashley is coming up from DC for a slumber party! Technically, the real reason is to run the Baltimore Ten Miler in the morning.

This is my third year running this race, which is odd, because it's super hot and humid and the last two miles are straight up brutal hills. But for some reason, I love it, and so does every other runner in Baltimore. Pretty much all my running friends will be there.

Two years ago it was on my birthday, and my sister ran with it me.

Last year it was Eric's first long race!
 Notice how dazed we look at the finish. I'm actually surprised that I found a picture of Eric smiling since he was in pure hell, from what I remember. 

I don't really know if I have a specific goal for this race. I PR'd in the ten mile distance in April, so it's pretty tempting to just rest on my laurels, especially since this race is so much hillier than that one. And because I have done one speedwork session since February. Also, I've been triathlon training, and running significantly less mileage. So I guess the plan is just show up, run as fast as I can, and see what happens. 

Do you always go into a race with a specific goal?

Do you think you'd be able to take home any of your paycheck working at a running store?


  1. I'm totally jealous that Ashley gets to experience the bliss of a pre-race sleepover. She better enjoy it extra :)

    It's been cooler here all week so maybe the weather will be kind to you tomorrow. The hills will still be there though. Those are going to be a bitch.

    If I worked at a running store, I'd be buying shit all the time. We don't even have a running store down here, so you know it would be bad.

  2. Your job is going to be amazing! I've thought about getting a job at the running store, but I KNOW I'd never come home with money.

    I usually don't race with a goal, but let other people tell me what my goals should be. It's working out so far.

    Good luck this weekend!!

  3. I always say I want to work at REI over the winter but I'd probably spend more money than I made! Your job sounds fun!

  4. I haven't had a paycheck in years and I still can't leave any running store without going broke. It's an issue.

  5. I don't think I have goals tomorrow except to not make unrealistic expectations that end with me being pissed at both myself and Garmin. And not to walk on that hill at the end.

    CONGRATS on the new job! I really enjoyed working at the running store this fall. The discount is AWESOME! Don't worry about spending too much. Even better than the discount is the free stuff. At our store, vendors would send sample stuff to the employees for us to try out so we could sell it. Free socks, hats, arm was awesome.

  6. Oh - that is so awesome! Congratulations! Your work ethic and drive amaze me. That is sooo cool that you co-workers are training for JFK too!

  7. This is great. Maybe you can strive to link to your employer's website more than ricig.

  8. What a wonderful blessing in your life! Dreams do come true!

  9. So ignore my last email to you, because this post answers all my questions. Congrats on the new gig - that is an awesome job. Plus you spend all the money you make at the fro-yo place, so that's fun.

    Good luck at the race tomorrow!

  10. best. job. ever!!!!!! i would love to work at a running store!

    good luck tomorrow. you may surprise yourself! the 10-mile is always a "surprise PR" race for me.

  11. I am so jealous! I really want to apply at some of the local running stores, but I can really only work weekends, which probably won't get me in the door.

  12. I just posted about working at a shoe store today! We sold mostly athletic shoes and apparel which at the time wasn't a huge problem since I wasn't a big runner but I did buy several pairs of shoes while I worked there!


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