Monday, June 11, 2012

The best kind of mail

I changed my blog header! I've been wanting to put some more current photos up for a long time. Nothing lights a fire under me to do those sorts of tasks than having much more important things to do, like writing a paper for grad school. By avoiding grad work I become all sorts of productive.

Sometimes this happens - the home computer doesn't have MS word,
the work computer doesn't connect to the wireless, and it all results in me looking really special.

I got a lot of good comments (for me, a lot is like 6) on my freak out post about how I can't handle the pressure of Daily Mile.  The gist seemed to be that I need to chill the heck out, a lot of people get too obsessed over numbers and end up just running for time/ignoring their pace, and I'd be wise to do the same. So I decided to relax on the MUST WEAR THE GARMIN AT ALL TIMES thing. Last Friday, I ran six miles with Lily, beginning my "no Garmin unless I feel like it" plan. It was very liberating. 

This weekend, I didn't wear anything except exercise clothes and pajamas, which makes it a roaring success in my book. Other than the grad work part, because I'm really lazy and prefer not to have to do any thinking in my down time.

Saturday morning I was supposed to do a swim/bike/run with the tri club, but something was wrong with the water that would make our skin melt off, according to the doctors/lawyers/scientists/people who don't teach elementary school and are really smart. So it was a 14 mile bike ride followed by a 5K with Lily and Jackie.

Sunday it was hot as balls, the type of day where walking to your car results in being bathed in sweat. I love both biking and running, but here's an example of a time when biking is vastly superior to running. While running sounded miserable, biking provided a nice breeze and was still do-able, and enjoyable. Mike and I rode just under 28 hilly miles.

Monday morning I did my first post-half ironman swim with Jackie at her fancy gym (she gave me a day pass). I printed a 2,500 yard masters swim workout for us. Not surprisingly, since I hadn't swam for nearly a month, I was a bit rusty. I'd really like to improve before my next tri, so I really need to stick to more regular, faster swims. Later on that afternoon, I procrastinated further on my writing by doing a half hour on the elliptical and reading Runner's World.

Going back in time to my wonderful weekend now - when I got home Friday night, I discovered that Emily had taken me seriously when I said that I expected birthday gifts, as you all should. Hers is going to be hard to top though.

I was way too excited to center this picture.

Please use my thumb for reference, and observe the circumference/height of that cookie.
We all know getting mail that isn't bills is super exciting, even better when you open a package to find something edible, even better when it's gigantic cookies from an amazing NYC bakery. I ate my first one Saturday night, and it was so huge that it gave me a horrible belly ache that lasted for the entire time we were watching Avatar. (Yes, that movie came out like ten years ago and we are just getting around to it, because that's how busy and popular we are). BTW, that movie is like 3 hours long, and about 2 hours too long in our opinion.

Sunday night I learned from my mistakes and ate the second cookie, but the pain was worth it.

On my way home from swimming, I did see a birthday present that could possibly top the cookies.

Just imagine if I invited you over for my birthday party and I had this set up.

When it comes to unpleasant tasks, are you a procrastinator like me, or do you just bang it out and move on with your life?


  1. You just scared the crap out of me and had me thinking Avatar actually came out 10 years ago.

    I procrastinate the crap out of things. Most of the time I procrastinate enough to not do them.

    I'd probably drive down to MD if that was your birthday party.

  2. Thank you...AVATAR! I was having a conversation yesterday and could not remember for the life of me the name of the movie. I was googling everything like - "Tall blue cat space aliens" and even google couldn't read my mind. Ugh! But you solved my dilemma. Now if I could only remember the context of the conversation where I needed to bring Avatar up. Oh boy. Ha!

    I love your new header!

  3. Emily sent me the same cookies and eating just HALF of one gave me a stomachache. I feel like I have so much to learn from you.

    The new header is so fancy, I love it!

    I write my best blog posts when I'm procrastinating on cleaning the house. Jeff cleaned the whole basement over the weekend because he was procrastinating on grad work. I think I'm the smarter one in the relationship.

    1. they are the greatest cookies in the world. My all-time record was eating four in one sitting. Definitely one of my greatest personal triumphs.

    2. Emily, it's nice to meet you. Heads up: I have a November birthday.

  4. i love the new header!

    i like to bang unpleasant things out ASAP, otherwise it just hangs over my head and makes me miserable.

  5. The new header looks awesome!!! Just last week my neighbors had a small party and rented four of those ridiculous inflatables. They did the same thing last year when the husband turned 40. There weren't many kids at either party, and it's not like they have money to burn (neither one has a job - how they afford a house is beyond me). My three-year-old son enjoyed looking through the fence at their nice toys.

  6. I like your podium finish picture in the header! I am such a great procrastinator. I make lists about all the things I have to do and then don't do them.

  7. I do most unpleasant things right away because it makes me feel better. As a broke grad school student, I used to avoid financial things until the last minute but I finally realized that I should just do those right away too.

    Those cookies look amazing! Are those peanut butter chips?!

  8. I procrastinate on everything. Hence the reason I am commenting here! The cookies look great - now I need to go find a cookie.

  9. When I was in grad school I had the cleanest house. As much as I hate cleaning, it sounded so much better than writing a paper.

  10. I was the procrastination queen in school! I really want cookies now.

  11. Those cookies look delicious! What a great gift!


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