Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm a liar

Once again, I unwittingly lied on my blog. Less than an hour after I published Wednesday's post, which claimed that I was on break from grad school, I got to work and my friend frantically ran into my classroom to tell me that we had received an email from our new professor. We'd gotten numerous emails saying the summer semester started June 6th, however, according to our professor, class started that day, a week before June 6th. We have a research paper due June 10th, and have to read two chapters out of the $100 textbook that the email also informed us we needed to buy by June 6th. 

Now, I understand it's higher education, so, whatever, I'm not saying we shouldn't have work. It's not that I find the assignments unreasonable. I'm just psycho about planning ahead. If I have a research paper due, I need notice, so I can designate exactly what times on which days I will devote to each part of the process. Getting blindsided doesn't really work for me or my blood pressure, which I'm sure shot up.

Additionally, I'm a teacher, which means I don't drop $100 on a textbook I'll never use again. I found a well loved older edition on Amazon for $8, but that requires time for shipping. So we're back again to the "I need advance notice thing". 

Luckily for me, the professor put the first two chapters of the book online, and I had planned to ride the bike trainer for my workout that day, so I got the reading done without needing to find extra time for it. Watching Felicity is much more entertaining, but life is tough.

It should be ok though, I got a new high score in Words with Friends, which officially means that I'm getting smarter.

I'm really terrible, so 61 for me is like 200 for anyone else.
On the bright side, the one that doesn't involve me whining, I had some great reunions yesterday. 

Since the Half Ironman, I hadn't done two of my favorite forms of exercise: running with Lily, or riding my bike outdoors. I was finally reunited with my running wife, Lily, for an easy six miler on Thursday morning. I also did the torturous ab workout. 

The perfect time to bust out unused race photos!

Thursday evening the triathlon club had a bike ride scheduled right near my favorite grocery store (Wegmans). Our house was practically empty of food and I was going through bike withdrawal (seriously), so it was a win/win.

I registered for my first international distance triathlon recently, the Culpepper Triathlon, which is in August. The website describes the bike course as "not an easy bike course", aka super hilly. I think I can consider Thursday's 22 mile ride appropriate for training.

I was going to join the group for their trail run afterwards, but once I was done with those hills, that was it for me.

This morning I went to spin class, and then knocked out my third, and final, ab workout for the week. 

It feels weird after three weekends away not to have to pack a bag for this weekend. It's also weird to be staying home and not have some sort of long workout planned. Actually, all of my weekend plans involve eating and drinking, which is awesome.


  1. I see you're slaughtering Kara at words with friends too.

    1. Damn it all to hell, now everyone knows how much I suck at this game!

  2. Your grad class situation would freak me out. The summer grad classes I have taken have been INTENSE. Good luck! Also your listing of your workouts is tiring just to read and makes me feel lazy. Nice job on words with friends.

  3. That grad school situation would totally freak me out. Wish I could convince myself to do three ab workouts per week :)

  4. That grad situation would frustrate me too - good thing he put the chapters online!

    That elevation profile freaks me out too - not gonna lie.

  5. I would be PISSED if that happened to me. I definitely need time to plan things like that. Not cool.
    You have to stay home this weekend? Boring. You need to take another vacation so I can live vicariously through you.

  6. Jeff has a similar situation with a grad school class because they told him he could use a later edition of the book, but then changed their mind today (and class starts next week). Lame!

    I can't believe you're not driving somewhere for hours this weekend. What will you do with all that time??

  7. I think the important thing I've learned today is that Kara sucks at Words with Friends.

  8. I've had a few teachers do stuff like that and it drives me crazy! My fav was one (a guest instructor...what?!) who posted two formats to use and then downgraded everyone who used one of them because it "wasn't what was intended." Riiiiiiight. Have a good weekend! :)

  9. I need to play Words with Friends with you and Kara instead of my husband. He's like a walking dictionary...and kicks my butt so fast that I simply quit.

    Sorry about the grad school stuff. I certainly do not miss that. Working hard + getting paid is sooo much better than working hard and paying for it. ;)

  10. Awww I am so happy we finally re-united :D

    and Now I know Culpepper is going to kick my butt with those hills .....

    Good job and words with friends.....61pts????

  11. When are you going to post a photo or video of you bouncing coins off your newly tightened up abs?

    Or bouncing dumbbells off them, when you really have super ones?

  12. Grad school teachers either seem to realize hardly anyone in grad school is doing just grad school or they feel like their class should be your top priority. The latter of the two always pissed me off in grad school.

    Good luck with the research paper and congrats on your reunion with running and biking!


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