Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My favorite month is finally here (as of 5 days ago). June has always been my favorite month, because it's my birthday month, and it marks the beginning of my favorite season, summer. 

Have you ever seen that movie, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? I used to love it as a kid. As a result of one of the songs, I thought getting married in June was of the utmost importance.

Of course, as an adult, I wised up and realized that having my birthday and anniversary in the same month might lead to a reduction in presents and cake, and spread them out a little. 

Here's some reasons June, and particularly June 2012 is going to be awesome.

1. Yesterday was the last Monday of the school year - at 12:30 on Friday it's all over!

Only if I was a career, though.
Actually, this Monday I would have rather entered the Hunger Games than do any type of exercise, so I took a rest day, and it was glorious.

2. My birthday - June 19th, so you may want to get started on the shopping. Hint - anything chocolate.

3. San Diego - I'm going on a trip for work, and they are letting me fly down early to explore the city with my friend who lives in San Francisco. It will be my first time on the West Coast and I could not be more excited. 

4. As soon as I get back from SD, we're heading north to visit my family. I'll be helping to throw my sister's baby shower! I haven't been home since January, and I don't know how I let that happen, it's just unacceptable. This is the first baby shower I've ever helped throw, so hopefully it turn come out as well as the invitations did. Luckily my mom and some family friends are doing about 99.9% of the work/planning, so it should be pretty sweet. 
The invitations our friend designed
 Here's some reasons that June has already rocked my world.

1. The return of Pioneer Woman iced coffee. The official switch from hot to iced coffee is really when summer begins in my mind.

Lots of work, lots of deliciousness
2. Crabs - one of my favorite things about Maryland. 

Saturday's feast
 3. Wine festivals

On Sunday I attended the Great Grapes wine festival for the third time in a row. I hope to never skip a year. Sitting outside, drinking wine, and picnicking all day is my version of Heaven.

The spread
Good thing we took this picture early in the day.
The view
The best thing about wine festivals is that, unlike in a typical drinking environment, such as a bar, it's completely acceptable and even encouraged to lay down and take a nap in the middle. Maybe even more than one nap.

I fit in a little bit of fun, easy, non-training exercise this past weekend. A 21 mile bike ride on Saturday with Lily, and a 5 mile run on Sunday. I was going to do more, but sleeping in seemed like more fun, and I might as well enjoy that while I can. Training for JFK starts in June as well!

What's your favorite month? Why?


  1. Not that this means anything, but you and Tals have the same birthday. Just saying.

    1. Mommyjacking? http://www.stfuparentsblog.com/post/22054789044/birthday-week-12-mommyjacking-pt-i-my-kid-shares

      Forget Alyssa; it's all about the dog!

  2. I'm so honored to share a birthday month with you. Although I'm going to beat you, hahaha!

    That wine festival looks fun, but I would have been at the North Face race instead. If I could borrow your non-gestating body. :)

    By the way, playing your mom on Words with Friends is my new favorite thing.

  3. June is already off to a fun start for you and it sounds like a lot of exciting events are still to come.

    Not sure which month is my favorite. I really love December because of Christmas and my birthday but October and April seem to be the best months weather-wise here so I love them too.

  4. You forgot to mention the beginning of marathon training for the best weekend of your life.

    I think I like May better than June, but this May was terrible weather-wise, so maybe I'll change my tune.

  5. I'm intrigued by the iced coffee. Iced coffee to me was make coffee, let it sit and refrigerate the leftovers. That looks like a lot of work and a bit of a mess but something tells me I might try it.

  6. I love iced coffee, but I drink it in about 30 seconds. I need the heat to slow me down apparently. Congrats on surviving another school year!

  7. Sooo...my wedding is planned for the day before my birthday. Bad plan?

  8. I never realized that getting married in June was a thing until about two days ago.

  9. My favorite month is November. Because it is my birthday and the day where you get to feast because it's American.

    Your month sounds amazing!

  10. You realize you posted your friend's home address on your blog?

    Sounds like a busy month! I am always so jealous of teachers when summer comes around! I still mentally think I get July-August off! No wonder why my sales numbers suck!

  11. Congrats on completing the school year! That festival sounds like a lot of fun!

    My favorite time of year is Fall - but June is nice too.

  12. Chocolate underwear it is then!
    Only been used once!

  13. September. Hands down. I love the weather and back to school season. It's probably your least favorite month ;)


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