Thursday, June 14, 2012


So far, summer vacation has been pretty sweet. I had Monday totally off, and the rest of the week I've been planning for next year with my fellow third grade teachers. Therefore, I've technically still been working, but it's so much more relaxed - I arrive later, wear running clothes, and go to the bathroom any time my little heart pleases. If teaching were like this all year long, I could really get on board.

It hasn't been all fun and games though.

First world Problems II - The website said the farmer's market was open for the season it wasn't

I was forced to shop at the regular grocery store, and just look what I found.

Thanks to Kristy, I must have these.


Do you see my problem?

All the things - Just taken bath salts eat all the faces!
I'm also in constant danger of being eaten by zombies, as we all are.
This is my last "non-training" week, and while it's been nice to do whatever I want, I am looking forward to JFK training, even though I am pretty sure there will still be a heavy dose of "do whatever I want" incorporated.

With that in mind, I thought I should try to get back into more frequent running, so I actually just finished a three day running streak. I don't even remember the last time I ran that consistently, unless it was part of brick workouts. I had to bust out my old friends.

Tuesday was actually supposed to be an impromptu rest day, due to being super tired for no good reason. But then I needed to make a 34 mile round trip, and thanks to both Obama being here and the rain, it took over 2 hours. In total, I spent four hours in the car, including my drive to and from work, which was also horrible. So I decided to do a few miles in the pouring rain. 4 miles at 8:26, which is super fast for me, especially in my hilly neighborhood.

Wednesday morning, I did 10 miles with Mike on the NCR trail, and the distance felt a bit tough, which makes me a tad nervous, since I'm doing a ten mile race on Saturday. This morning I did an easy 7 miles. It felt weird to run with absolutely nothing - no Garmin, no music, no water. I was such a zen runner I think I was one step away from being barefoot.

Are you also addicted to running gear? I still reach down to start my Garmin even if I'm not wearing it.


  1. Hang on, chocolate filled with cookie butter??? Must have!!

    It's been very weird these past couple of days without my garmin. I mean, I have a stop watch, but that doesn't really tell me anything other than time, so I never look at it.

    You are so zen.

  2. 1. I commend you for your use of memes. I'm so proud.

    2. Your legs looks so freshly shaved. Don't show off.

    3. I can't even walk 2 miles without water. I can ditch the Garmin, but never the fluid.

  3. holy shit cookie butter and chocolate? BE STILL MY HEART. Seriously. Because I will probably go buy all of them and then have a heart attack.

    I'm still trying to get in a run over 2 miles. I usually finish by the time my watch finds a satellite. probably for the best, since I'm not sure I want to know how slowly I'm going these days.

  4. Those cooking look incredible! So Trader Joe's is the "regular grocery store" for you? That makes me jealous. It's 45 minutes to Wal Mart for me - and that's the fanciest shop around.

    Sometimes on the treadmill I try to push a button on my wrist like I'm wearing a Garmin - usually very early in the morning when I've just woken up!

  5. Running without your Garmin? It's like it never happened! I've only run with music once in the last 2 or 3 months but always with my Garmin.

    This post is trouble: first with Kristy's speculoos and now with this mocha cappuccino spread. I meant to post the one picture I had of a deep dish pizza from Chicago today but forgot. It will have to wait another week til I post again, on my current blogging schedule...haha. To answer your question- No word on the interview yet, the suspense is killing me. "mid-june" is what they told me, and is far too open ended. I'm going to pee my pants the next time I get a call from a mystery phone number though.


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