Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just call me coach

In San Diego, I experienced that crazy phenomenon of "not wanting to take a rest day" for the first time. Our hotel was right along the water, and the running route I found was ridiculously beautiful. Plus, the weather was between 65-70 degrees the entire time we were there, with little to no humidity. But after running seven days in a row (I'm positive that's a first for me), my legs were begging for a rest day. So I took Monday off from running. The route Ifound was exactly a 10K, so I did that Tuesday and Wednesday.

I almost cried when we left. I think I need to start looking for jobs there.

Monday we watched the sunset - so romantic.

I got home just before 10pm Wednesday night, and I'll be here for approximately 32 whole hours! Tomorrow morning it's back to the airport to fly to my hometown to visit my family. When I got home, starving and exhausted, I expected to find an empty kitchen full of pizza boxes. I was pleasantly surprised to find the fridge filled with delicious, fancy food. Eric had worked at the bar during a private, catered party the night before, and took home a ton of extra food for me. He also cleaned, organized, and completely rearranged the bedroom while I was gone. Win/win!

While in San Diego, I took on a new responsibility as part of my running store job.

I'm coaching a 5K training program! I've never coached, but the store provides the training plan. I've done plenty of training of my own, I'm married to a coach, and I've taught tons of kids to read, so I'm clearly highly qualified. I'm way more excited than I should be, and I cannot wait to begin. If you are local, click the link and sign up. If you are not local, move here immediately, or come stay in my guest room, and sign up. Can you even imagine how awesome it would be to train for a 5K with me coaching you?

Apparently there were two screaming babies on one of our flights back to Baltimore, but I was so obsessed with reading Games of Thrones I didn't even notice. Given my massive amount of blogging about Twilight and Hunger Games, it's no secret that I don't really go halfway with pop culture book obsessions. I'm pretty proud that my latest is actually intended for adults.

I was desperately trying to finish the first book on the plane so that Eric and I could start watching the TV series. I finished it this morning (on the balcony, while sweating - I miss you already, California weather) and we just watched the first episode. So good.

We were supposed to have a marathon and watch all day, but my jet lag forced me to sleep most of the morning and the day seems to have practically disappeared. It's already almost 4 and I haven't even run yet.   

Last week was my first official week of JFK training. I ran 49 miles, so I'd say it's off to a good start. Of course, I don't plan on making running all seven days of the week a normal practice, and I'll be adding in some swimming and biking once I'm actually in town to do so.

Have you ever been in a training group, or even coached one? Any advice?


  1. Teaching kids to read is a key skill for a 5k coach. You're going to rock it!

  2. 49 miles is a big jump up in running mileage for you! Don't be dumb and get hurt. :)

    I've never been in a training group, but I have taught martial arts before. People like tough love. If there are tears, you are winning.

  3. I second Kara! Be careful!

    And thank you for making me miss San Diego even more. Seriously, I LOVED running there. Every freaking day was glorious running weather. Even when it wasn't (you know, those 3 days of rain), there was a beach and so I didn't mind. *sigh*

    Also, our plan for Saturday is to go hiking (EARRRRLLY!!), then spend the whole 100+ degree day on our couch, in the AC, watching Season I of Game of Thrones. I'm so excited.

  4. Ohhhh I'm reading Game of Thrones too! I'm about 75% done with the second book, and I will say it lags a bit compared to the first. However, I'm thinking it's gonna pick up just before the end so naturally, I'll HAVE to read book 3!

    I've been a coach and an instructor for millions of years, but unless you're talking Special Olympics track, I have no other running experience :) Sorry!

  5. My only advice is to never take advice from Kara. Unless you like making the Baby Jesus cry.

    1. I mean in addition to making everyone else cry. Should not be working and blog commenting at the same time.

  6. 49 miles is kick-ass! Remember recovery methods too as you start your training. Ice baths, compression and a foam roller will be your best friends. You will be a great coach! Sounds fun.

  7. Come be my coach! I need one. I suck at it.

    Also, you're not allowed to move to the West coast. You're already too far away as it is.

  8. Great job on the miles friend :D

    You are going to be an amazing coach :D

  9. My husband read those books way before a tv show was in the works. I remember him patiently awaiting the release of the 4th book around the end of college. Does that make him hipster? Re: coaching- People love it when you yell at them. To incorporate your specialized training, you could also read them popular elementary school books from memory while you run, to pass the time. If you move to San Diego, we could rendezvous somewhere in the middle in Orange County.

  10. you'll be a great coach! just teach them the importance of chocolate post-run :)

    GOT is ridiculously good - love it!

  11. You're going to be a wonderful coach and everyone is going to wish they were in your group!

  12. I would love to have you as a coach. I think. Unless you're seriously tough and mean. Is this for beginners building up to their first 5k?

    I hope you are watching as many of the GOT episodes as possible! Tim and I watched the whole first season in 2 days.

  13. If I were a Baltimore local, I'd sign up for your coaching group in a second!

  14. yea! that is soooo soooo awesome that you are coaching the 5k group!!!!!

    i'm doing the full group so i've met my training group quota for the summer, but maybe ill come out for some of the groups and tag along - if freeloaders are allowed. you are going to be a fantastic coach!


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