Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The big reveal - the post 70.3 dessert

It amazes me that during my taper for races I can't get my act together to do even the tiniest workout. Throughout training, I've been up in the 4 or 5am hour multiple times a week doing 90+ minute workouts. This morning I needed to be out of bed by 7 to fit in a half hour on the trainer and I didn't even make it. 

When I finally did get my half hour in (at like 7:30am), it was so humid that I think it should have counted as a swim as well, based on my sweat volume.

So while that was lame, today was super exciting as I got to do all my favorite race preparations. Grocery shopping, cooking, and packing. We are not allowed to grill at our apartment, so anytime we go anywhere with a grill we turn into grill dictators and completely take it over and refuse to eat any non-grilled foods. This mainly applies to our parents' houses, and the lake house we are staying in this weekend. I chopped a bunch of veggies and marinated them for after the race.

Eric's parent's house like 3 years ago
Let's be serious though, we all know what I was really excited about, and it wasn't veggies.

After days of agonizing over what recipe to choose for my post 70.3 dessert, I figured it out. 

Kari recently made Reese's Cheesecake Brownies, and I remembered this on a run last week and vowed to copy her. (Normal people fantasize about dessert during runs, right?). About a mile later, I remembered that my friend Jackie doesn't like peanut butter (I know, it's a miracle I'm still friends with her), so that wouldn't work. I choose another recipe for creme de menthe brownies, but then it turned out Lily doesn't like mint! You can't even understand how stressful this was becoming for me.

After a significant amount of time spent browsing dessert sites, nothing was calling my name. Finally, I returned to the original idea, but replaced the peanut butter in the cheesecake part of the recipe with Nutella, the one thing we all agree on. I topped half the brownies with Reese's for the PB lovers (aka normal people) and the other half with Wegmans non - pareils, which are also delicious.

Can you even imagine what my life could be like if I could apply the type of focus that I reserve for desserts to other areas, such as my job, masters degree, or home? I could really make something of myself.

As if delving in to that chocolate heaven wasn't enough, as it was baking, I got to attack our wonderful, organized, color coded packing spreadsheet that Jackie made (that's why I keep her around, even despite her PB hatred).

This is one page of many.
These are two bags of many.
During all this, I got an email with the official race information packet. 12 pages of race information to read through, aka, pure bliss. NERD ALERT.

 I have no idea what possessed me, but I randomly looked at a Groupon for sushi that I had bought in October that was on the fridge to check the expiration date. It expired today, which meant we had no choice but to skip the healthy leftovers in the fridge and go out for sushi. 

Even better, the restaurant was across the street.

Today is teacher appreciation day, and truer words about the profession have never been spoken.


  1. the only thing that has gotten me through any run over 10 miles is discussions about food. I'm a wreck on long runs by myself. (OMG I miss running...)

  2. Those brownies. I need. I want. I have been ravenous all week and I'm pretty sure those things would be way better than the swedish fish AND frozen yogurt I ate today.

    Additionally, I feel like I should mail you some brownies after you finish the 70.3. I feel that it is the right thing to do.

  3. oh my goodness - while i had an inclination that you were my long lost sister, i'm now convinced!!!!!!!!!! I know that i've never told you, but non-pareils are my FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was super bummed earlier when i found out we couldn't wear headphones on the run and didn't know how i was going to make it, but now i do - i'm just going to think about this dessert the entire run....i'm convninced I'm going to PR. can't wait - we are going to have a great weekend, can't believe its finally here!

  4. Good luck, I'm doing the half too! Looks like the weather will be perfect!

    1. She's wearing a tri suit instead because she's a pro. Am I right or what?

  5. Ok, so the humidity sucks for everyone. That makes me feel better about yesterday's totally suckly run. It was GROSS. Not a fan of this at all.

    That dessert looks amazing. I love Nutella on anything!

  6. Have a great race, the dessert looks worth it (by the way, the creme de menthe brownies are also worth it for another event, I make a version of those and have had to make 3 pans for one occasion before b/c people devour them).

  7. Now I need those brownies all over again! Good thing I still have the pretzel nutella brownies here.

    You're going to have an epic weekend!

  8. So...according to that spreadsheet, you're not wearing a sports bra for the race? :)

    Now I need sushi again. Damn it all to hell.

    I had no idea you were so grill deprived. I could have grilled for you. I could have even made pizza on the grill because I'm fancy like that.

  9. i would immediately cross the finish line, sit my ass down, grab a fork, and go to town! that looks delicious!

    good luck! a HIM is so badass!

    ps - i like how under "bike" you listed "actual bike". lol!

  10. I love your list! I'm a list maker too. Those brownies look absolutely delicious!

  11. I thought I was insane with lists, but you definitely take the cake there. As much as I like the PB/choc combo now, I have to say the non-pareils might even look better.

    P.S. I like your "Things to Do Today" notepad, ha! :)

  12. I read this on my phone - but finally got on the computer just to say we need to run a race together so that I can participate in this post-race dessert awesomeness. :)


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