Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kinetic Half Triathlon - the aftermath

If you have ever considered a triathlon, here's some good news for you - the soreness afterwards in minimal to non-existent. 

I did wear compression like it was my job for the rest of the weekend.

I also used The Stick, so maybe that helped.

I'd heard that I'd be less sore after a tri, but was doubtful until I experienced it for myself. Unlike a marathon, where you spend four hours doing the exact same motion, with three sports, you are using all different muscles, so none of them really get over taxed.

The worst part of recovery was my sunburn, and even that wasn't bad. I did reapply sunscreen in T2, so I can't imagine what I would have looked like if I hadn't.

Lily got sun kissed. We got sun raped.
 The other problem I experienced after the race was my stomach hating me. That's not exactly new, it tends to happen after my first hot race of the year. I just sat at the dinner table sadly trying to sip Powerade and not puke while everyone else enjoyed the grilled feast that we'd had planned.

No worries, my hunger returned full force on Sunday, and I ate nearly an entire pizza. 

70.3 apparently changed me for life. I don't mention it too often, but I am a vegetarian, and I also hate animals, especially dogs. Sunday morning, Dan cooked a big pan of bacon and brought it right over to the rest of us lounging on the couch. I dug right in and enjoyed three salty, crispy pieces.

That's a really special expression.
Then the dog tried to get in on it, and while I sure as hell wasn't sharing my bacon, I did laugh while she licked my face. 

NOTE - I still don't like YOUR dog, so don't expect me to. Maddy is an exception.

We had the house as long as we wanted on Sunday, so we put off driving back so we could enjoy some of the amenities that we'd been too tired for on Saturday.

In a hot tub with beer and beautiful women, and Eric just looks confused.

Yet he seems totally content here....
 To prove how not sore I was, we tackled these steps to check out the private dock.

After a marathon, Katy Perry could have been at the bottom
and I still wouldn't have gone.

We got to go tubing! Check out my expression, the water felt a lot colder than it had the day before.

It felt great once I adapted though.

A much better way to enjoy the lake - why'd we waste time swimming in wetsuits?

There was a bit of a current, so you had to stay vigilant. 
 There was a basement full of games too! I came so close to beating Eric at Foosball.

Sadly, the weekend had to come to an end and we finally left for home around 5pm. 

I went for a 6 mile slow run this morning, after a full 3 days off. Honestly, I felt fine, and could have worked out, but I'm not about to waste an excuse for rest days like "I just did a half ironman". The timing worked out pretty well, since this week is jam packed. I present my final project to my grad class tonight, leave for a conference in Dallas in the morning, and I'm presenting at the conference on Saturday, so a little time off from exercise to work on those presentations was much needed.

I actually don't know if I'll be able to blog in Dallas, but I know how my loyal readers worry (there was some discussion on twitter after GORUCK about whether or not I was dead!) so I figured I'd give you the heads up. If you don't hear from me until Tuesday, it's because I was too busy riding bulls and laying by the pool soaking up all the knowledge from the conference.


  1. I was so confused in the first picture that you were standing near a dog, yet smiling. Now bacon eating too? I always knew you were a smart girl.

    That sunburn looks painful. I don't really burn easily so I don't have a ton of experience, but I generally act like the world is ending due to my level of pain.

    What's your next race? I know you're not waiting to race again until fall. :)

  2. When you said you went tubing, I assumed you meant being pulled behind a motor boat, not floating lazily.

    I see the next Aspaeris banner picture.

    Was the bacon gloriously delicious? I once ate a hamburger when I was crazy hungry and there were no other options. It tasted amazing, but then I threw up about 15 minutes later...

  3. What about the dessert? Did you get to enjoy that or was your stomach too unhappy? Hopefully you got to enjoy after it was back to normal (and hopefully the bacon left you feeling OK!).

  4. I sunburn like it's my job. it's pretty sad, actually. And painful.

    I hope you don't dislike cats as much as dogs, although mine tend not to like new people, so they just stay out of sight.

  5. "we got sun raped"....hysterical! good luck with your presentations - i know you will rock them! and i knew maddy would win you over - she likes a challenge :-)

  6. Clearly the race was life-changing if you now eat bacon and like dogs (well, one dog). The whole house/lake setup looks like such a nice place to relax after a race.

  7. Bacon *is* the gateway drug. I told you.

    I hope that rehab clinic you lined up works to get you out of the meat gutter. Still can't believe you're going all the way to Dallas for it. That's true commitment to avoiding the meat disease.

    Or else you'll be eating regular hot dogs with the rest of us at Rosaryville...

  8. Man, I ran the half ten days ago and I'm just now getting back into the swing of things today :) You're awesome.

    Have fun in Dallas!

  9. Sounds like a perfect way to spend your time after 70.3! And Bacon too! WOW!

  10. I wonder if I should try a HIM so that I will like bacon. I'm sick of getting called a freak for my lack of bacon love.

  11. Sun raped is a new one-I'll have to use that and give you credit of course!

    The house on the lake looks like the perfect place to spend the weekend. Lots of fun times to be had by all!


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