Thursday, July 11, 2013

The frappuccino that never was

While I only managed to wake up to run before work one time this week, I have, in fact, worked out. Unlike last week.

Monday: 6 mile treadmill run (8:57 pace)
Tuesday: 6 mile treadmill run (8:47 pace) plus this torturous old friend

Yeah I'm still feeling that 2 days later
Wednesday: horrible 7 mile run, 10:10 pace and a 14 mile bike ride!
Thursday: 5 mile run (9:33 pace) and another 14 mile bike ride!

So yeah, I've ridden my bike more in the past 24 hours than I have in all the rest of 2013 combined. 

So I had a traumatic experience tonight. I have a free birthday drink to use from Starbucks for my birthday, and as I discussed with Steph in San Antonio, things like that cause me a lot more consternation than is reasonable. Despite my love of and history with Starbucks (6 years as a barista!) I almost never actually go there anymore. Mainly because most mornings I can barely make it from the bed to the kitchen to get coffee, much less out of the house to interact with other people. When I do go, I usually order an americano, which is one of the cheapest drinks on the menu. 

Clearly, ordering a (relatively) cheap drink with my free coupon is a total waste. The problem, sometimes I get so caught up in "saving" things that they expire and then I never get to use them at all.

The whole way home from my run/bike tonight I was agonizing over whether or not tonight was the night. I really didn't want to show my face in the Safeway by our apartment in my disgusting state. I normally really don't care, but it's pretty close to my school and my intern works there. I mean, whatever, it wasn't like I was rolling in clutching an 8 ball of coke, but I'd really prefer to keep my nasty sweaty bike shorts appearance separate from my professional life. PS I had to use urban dictionary to find a slang term for something to do with coke.

So, I decided to risk it, because I really wanted to try the new mocha cookie frappuccino, which is kind of a big deal because I haven't had a single frappuccino since I started working there at age 19. They are a major pain in the ass to make and so most people I worked with never drank them out of protest. 

Once I was finally in line, I immediately checked out all the cashiers and thought I was safe. Then I realized my intern was sitting like 5 feet away from me AT STARBUCKS. Awesome. 

Then I was forced to pretend that I was doing some sort of urgent business on my phone that required my head down two inches above the screen for the next 10 minutes while the barista was super busy flirting with the guy ahead of me. Her technique was telling him how the frappuccino that I was about to order was "so gross" and "OMG SO MANY CALORIES" and "ew, all that sugar". 

Safeway Starbucks girl, if you're reading, here's a little tip from a former barista: don't call your products gross right in front of all your customers. 

When it was finally my turn, I ordered my drink, even though I'm sure she was judging the hell out of me with  every bit of her 98 pound body. She kept her judgement to herself, but told me that they didn't honor birthday drinks. So I screamed "FORGET IT", except that was just in my head, and in real life I was more like "oh ok thanks so much bye!" because I'm a wimp. 

you don't see judging on the calorie lost chart on the wall . . . .. too bad
Well it is pretty fun.
I don't really know if that story served any purpose other than to reveal on the internet how much mental agony I go through to make simple decisions that most people spend approximately a quarter of a second on, but I already typed it so it's done. 

This weekend we are going to visit Kari and her husband Mike! Every time we've hung out, it's been to run a race. Then half the weekend is spent not drinking, and carefully trying to eat just the right foods for optimal  performance (which clearly I'm still pretty far from mastering). The part after the race, if we're even lucky enough to spend it together, usually goes along the lines of "woo hoo, race done, time to party!" and then one glass of wine and it's off to bed by 9:30pm. This weekend will be our first time hanging out together and actually getting to have nonstop fun!

If you made it this far with my incessant whining, here's something for your troubles.

my favorite animal

Would you have jumped in and told the girl to give this fatty her damn frappuccino? Or are you like me, where your plan is "silently seethe and then complain about it on your blog later"?


  1. I actually really enjoyed reading all of this because I could completely relate to most of this. I probably wouldn't have been so nice to the lady at Starbucks BUT then again, when I'm thrown off of my game, I tend to just be really quiet because no words will come out correctly anyway.

  2. When she told you about not honoring the coupon, you should have been like, "I probably don't need ALL THOSE CALORIES anyway!"

  3. You need to come to the Jefferson County Fair sometime because they had about 15 llamas. They even had a blind llama and my heart melted. Also, I've never done 6-week Six Pack!! How is that possible?

  4. Seriously, this whole frappuccino drama has me dying laughing. Plus, I think you would be embarrassed to be seen with me most of the time because I feel like I'm always wearing sweat-covered clothes. I'm classy like that.

  5. I was picturing an actual 8 ball full of Coke the beverage, with a little straw in it like one of those fancy coconut drinks. Yes, I need more sleep.

    I will be spending this weekend mourning over not being at the cool kids' table.

  6. I go places looking extremely disgusting or wearing something inappropriate often. Like last weekend I was running and then walked into a hotel to use the bathroom and everyone stared.
    I got really irritated when our grocery store starbucks wouldn't use my birthday reward. You are a starbucks but not really, then? See if I ever come back to your store. Oh wait, I won't.

  7. That is disappointing. I hate spending money, but I think one morning next week I'm going to have to buy a $5 frap from Starbucks. Mocha cookie sounds delicious.

  8. I am fat (but getting less fat) and I kind of really like making people uncomfortable with my fat. I would have probably said something along the lines of "I'll have the disgusting calorie-filled cookie mocha thing because I'm fat anyway and I might as well enjoy it" and then laugh to myself as the skinny barista squirms at a fat woman calling herself fat.

  9. First of all, you have Safeway?! I thought that was only a west coast thing, and oh how I miss my trusty grocery store. But I digress. When skinny bitches try to make me feel bad about my order, I make sure to ask for extra whip cream ;)

  10. I like to think that I would say something, but really I would seethe and then rant to Patrick later.

    Both you and MealsandMiles talk about frapps post-long-workout. I may need to investigate this. Are they really that good?

  11. I need to google 8 ball of coke. I, too, agonize over how to use my free drink coupons. Always venti. That's BS they don't honor birthday drinks. The Target and Vons/Safeway Sbux stores here have allowed me to use my rewards. I would seethe and spend the next hour thinking about things I could have said.


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