Sunday, December 29, 2013

On track the whole time

Around this time of year, the social media posts about "eating clean" and "getting back on track" start cropping up. I truly feel bad for all these people, because it must be stressful eating dirty and being off track all week.
Personally, my eating was almost exactly on track all week. I haven't had a problem getting off track during the holidays in years. Every single meal was delicious. Most included some sort of holiday treat that I don't normally get to eat. Just a few examples:
  • glazed ham
  • collard greens
  •  pulled pork bbq hash
  • buffalo chicken dip
  •  bacon/caramel/peanut popcorn
  • 5 spice millionaire's bacon
  •  ham and cheese omelet (I know that's not a seasonal treat but my father in law makes them so much better than I or a restaurant ever could)
  • and the one thing I got a picture of - my mom's homemade hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows.
Drinking it in my new Christmas pjs that I'd been wearing since the night before was extra special.

I say I stayed "almost" on track because there were a few instances I hadn't anticipated, and they threw my carefully laid plans for a loop. For instance, I didn't even know I was getting any macaroni and cheese, but it turned out that my mother in law AND my mother made it - they both have signature recipes, totally different, both unbelievably delicious. Also, I'd planned on drinking copious amounts of wine each night, which I did. But I had no idea my sister was also going to introduce me to eggnog spiked with Jim Beam Maple whiskey. Amazing.

Most importantly, I was lucky enough to eat all those wonderful things with people I love. Exactly on track.

There's one person I love so, so much that it's more like a middle school crush. I strategically plan every move in hopes of seeing him. I am desperate for any attention or the slightest indication that he cares about me. Or even knows who I am.

Sometimes, I can bribe him to be near me.

Other times, his love can't be bought.
 Somehow, I was nominated to get up with him on Christmas morning. At first, I was all like "um, wait a minute, the whole point of being an aunt is to experience all of the fun parts with zero of the non-fun parts (diapers, early wakeups, the pain of childbirth, etc) - that crap is for moms,". But once I realized it meant extra time with my BFF, I was on board. He seemed.....not unhappy to see me when I went to get him from his crib, and even sat in my lap to drink his morning juice. SWOON.

I do have to fight Eric for his attention.
He's recently learned some new tricks.


We managed to drag him away from his many new toys long enough to look through our parents' wedding album (circa 1980) with us.


Also for him and his father to develop alien eyes.

My family is so freaking good at giving gifts. As always, I was showered with things I never knew I always wanted.  

I have two main problems that plague my everyday life. Being cold and being lazy. My husband attacked both of those.

Super warm and comfy scarf with pockets for when I suffer from frostbite every day at work.


Unpictured: electric blanket. It's the third fabulous blanket I've received for Christmas. I guess word has gotten out.

Being lazy isn't really a problem. The problem is that things prevent me from being lazy. Like not having the arm strength to hold my phone up comfortably while playing Words With Friends in bed. Or having to sit up to watch a movie, because I can't see the TV laying down.

That will no longer be a problem.
They work like a charm.

It's annoying because I did not inherit this wonderful perfect gift giving gene (Eric did even though he married in) and I suck at giving gifts. But the shirt that goes with Eric's Christmas jammies did make his Facebook profile picture, so there's that.
"Keep calm and hate Ohio State". In tight pants.
My sister got him a sorting hat.

I had to include it just because I love this picture.
I highly recommend adopting my holiday eating plan for next year, and we can all stay on track. I won't lie, you do risking gaining a dreaded holiday pound or two - the horror! But you'll be much happier treasuring time with your loved ones than panicking over every Christmas cookie calorie. If there's one thing I've learned recently, it's that life's too short. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Best thing you ate this Christmas, and funniest moment. GO.


  1. I didn't go anywhere for Christmas with the sick baby, so I wasn't wowed by anyone's food since I had to cook. I am going to a New Year Eve's party with awesome food. Kim is bringing her famous guacamole so I'm already excited.

    My funniest moment was seeing the baby get her new slide for Christmas. I can't even count the amount of times she's thrown herself down that thing.

  2. So funny about "getting back on track." One of my Facebook friends just wrote a "Dear Paleo" post about how she got away from it and she and Paleo were going to become friends again. There are a whole bunch of responses about "resetting." It makes me sad when people get all shameful about eating fun things. Enjoy the season and stop beating yourself up about it. It's silly.

    And on the subject of silly...I laughed out loud at the sorting hat photo. The look on his face is priceless!

    1. UGH seriously - if your goal for the holidays has to do with eating, you are doing Christmas wrong. Just stuff your face and enjoy it, the kale will still be there on January 1st, whether or not you post about it on Facebook.

  3. Those prism bed specs are fantastic and i didn't know they existed. All the food my chef-sister made for us was excellent...but maybe the most unique thing I ate was Ethiopian food.

  4. Haha I think it's fine to "reset" post-holidays...but only if you REALLY enjoyed all the holidays had to offer. Best food this holiday? Dinner at Fogo de Chao (Brazilian steakhouse), honey glazed ham, twice baked potato salad, regular potato salad, spinach dip, marbled cheesecake, cannolis....all so good. My dad is an awesome cook. But to be fair, I would not be lying if I said I really want some regular veggies now.

    Your Christmas looks awesome! Enjoy the last few days off!

    1. Oh I agree it's fine to "reset" - sadly all the above listed foods are gone anyway! It's more just the mindset - if you are approaching the holidays desperately trying to stick to some magazine tips on cutting calories and expending significant mental energy on that, I don't see how you can truly enjoy yourself! Or at least I couldn't!

  5. I got Mike a shirt for Christmas that says "there's a word for people who don't have beards: women." It's pretty much the best Christmas present I've ever given.

    I totally stayed on track, too. I managed to eat almost entirely desserts all week.

    1. You have achieved gold level wife points. Well done.

  6. Best thing I ate at a friend's Xmas Eve party . . . drumroll . . . bacon wrapped water chestnuts! I had to restrict myself to only two of these beauties because the plate of them was small and the party guests were many. Sigh.

  7. I heard about that maple whiskey and wondered what it would be good in. I like the honey one but the maple one sounds...thick. Like it would stay with you for too long.
    I'm up 7 lbs today from Friday, so I think I've already adopted your eating and drinking plan.
    I didn't have a Christmas dinner so I'm going to go with the giant brownie ice cream thing I ate at Chilis last night as the best thing.

  8. your holiday eating plan = my pregnancy. yes, pounds were put on, but i loved (wait…i'm still pregnant…love) every cookie, doughnut, and cupcake i ate.

  9. Peanut butter balls and magic cookie bars - both holiday treat staples in my family. They are beyond tasty! Oh and potato casserole and boy do I love a good casserole!

  10. Best eating: The ginger cookies that my Mom made in New Jersey, and brought all the way to Singapore. She also left the recipe. I will try to duplicate it, but am making no promises. And the fact that GINGER cookies win the "Best Thing" award is saying a lot about them, because I am VERY partial to chocolate. VERY.

    Funniest Moment: Playing Catch Phrase with my husband's family. The Catch Phrase that we have has a lot of American expressions and US-specific phrases, and playing with a bunch of Singaporeans was pretty hilarious. And the fact that they didn't know all the words, coupled with my parents' difficulty in understanding their accents, made the whole game entirely more hilarious than appropriate.

  11. Hahahaha great job staying on track during the holidays! I did the same :) I love Eric's sorting hat! That's awesome. I also loved Harrison's new tricks.

    Best eating: Bacon wrapped grilled shrimp that my dad made. Delicious.

    Funniest moment: I know you're not a fan of dogs, but the funniest moment was when one of my two 100+ pound hound dogs sat down next to the dinner table full of my extended family and farted loud enough for everyone to hear. We all busted out laughing and looked at her and she just looked right back at us like "what?"


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