Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Snowday Personality Test

We're on snow day #2 over here! This is considered a total blizzard in Baltimore. They didn't even have The Price is Right on, so they could report about the "storm".

I've said this before (although it doesn't really count because that was when my blog had like 2 readers, which is only about 25% of the current readership) but I really think a snow day is the best personality test in the world. I realize most professions don't get them, but I'm sure we've all been blessed with a period of unexpected free time at some point. (If you are jealous of our snow days, just remember I haven't had a raise in like 5 years, probably never will again, and I have to buy things like tissues, soap and hand sanitizer for work with my own money).

If you think to yourself: "YES, I'm about to enjoy a day in my pajamas with no contact with the outside world, where my sole accomplishment will be seeing how deep of an impression my butt can make in the couch", then you're a lazy POS like me.

If you think to yourself: "FINALLY, a day to organize those closets and scrub those baseboards! I need to get my to-do list pad out post haste!" then you're some sort of alternate species that, while I admire you, I will never understand.

It's probably worth noting that Reaction #1 should take place at like 10am, when you roll over after those extra 5 hours of sleep you enjoyed once you turned your alarm off.

I can only imagine that Reaction #2 takes place after you see the snow day announcement and hop right out of bed at the normal time to get started on a fun filled day of productivity!

I think it's important to identify your snow day personality and make sure you find a partner who is the same. I may have married someone of a different race and different religious beliefs, but the important thing is that we're in sync when it comes to deciding how to spend free time.

Well, I may not shoot imaginary aliens, but the important thing is he's not moving or being productive.

I wouldn't have gotten out of my pjs at all yesterday, but we got a package. It was my Christmas gift from Kara! She told me I could open it early.
When you run long distances with someone, you really get to know them. Somehow she had figured out exactly what I wanted, but had never asked for!

Think of how much time I'll save in races! Now I'll never have to stop!
Ok, kidding, she actually got me these amazing pjs and blanket. You can't tell in the picture, but these are the softest, warmest pajamas of all time. Now we can keep the thermostat at a normal (not tropical) temperature, and I can be warm without Eric sweating in a t-shirt and shorts. The gift that keeps on giving.

The socks even match the blanket!
I was concerned about posting that picture, because you can see some unwrapped gifts, but I realized you can only really see my nephew, Harrison's gifts. And he is very advanced, but he probably won't be reading the blog yet.

I also wore clothes other than pajamas for a short period yesterday to work out. I did T25 Cardio, and ran 3.5 miles. On the treadmill, obviously.

More importantly, we decided to make pizza. Since it was snowing and gross out, we only used ingredients we already had, but it ended up being like the best pizza ever. We topped it with Costco marinara sauce, cheddar cheese, Andoille sausage, mushrooms, and caramelized onions. I don't think I can ever go back to pizza with mozzarella cheese now.

I used my brand new Cutco knife to cut the onions, which was very exciting for me. It was a Hanukkah gift from my dad.

Look how shiny!

Kara is organizing a brand new race, a Valentine's Day themed trail 50k on February 15. It's only $20, and there will be oreos, and medals, and I'm sure we can all agree that there is really no better way to spend Valentines Day, right? Now that I've convinced you, sign up here.

Please take the patented "Alyssa Lindsey Snowday Personality Test" by imagining you wake up to a snow day and are absolved of all your responsibilities, and report your results in the comments.



  1. Is it possible to be both Snowday personalities? I usually start the day by being thrilled with no work/school and plan ALL the things I want to get accomplished. Since I have kids, there is no going back to sleep, so I might as well do something worthwhile. But as the day goes on, the pajama pants stay on and nothing ever really gets done and we end up eating cereal for dinner.

  2. 1. I love sleep and being lazy, I am totally your type of snow day personality.
    2. I thought the Pampers box was going to be a pregnancy announcement!

    1. If her baby comes out and needs size 6 diapers, then that would be some hell of an announcement.

  3. I would wake up the normal time, think how great it is to have a day to get all my projects done... and then fall back asleep, wake up at noon, and spend the rest of the on the couch doing nothing.

  4. I had a snow day today too! It's my district's first one in 2 years. I woke up way earlier than usual due to the district automated phone announcement at 5 am. I have since read a book and a bunch of blogs. I am still in pajamas and it's near 1:00 here. Nap time soon!

  5. I choose neither option in your personality test :) I have to bounce out of bed because while we do get snow days, it's my job to contact every single employee to tell them the day is cancelled. Once I do that, I'm wide awake!

    After that? IT'S PLAY TIME!!!!!!! Snowshoeing?! Skiing?! YESSSSS.

    PS How much snow is that that cancelled the day?

    1. We have like 2 inches. And the Fed Gov was closed before it even started snowing in DC. It is the one thing that I favor DC over Colorado on, ha.

  6. I'm definitely the second one. I had a two-hour delay yesterday and wrote a newsletter for an organization I volunteer with then went grocery shopping. I'm off today and typed minute from a Church meeting before starting holiday cards. I broke for lunch with a friend (and bought stamps on my way home), then got back to cards. Now it's a quick blog-reading break, then hopefully finishing my cards, and working out. I think I'll skip the run today, though.

  7. I'm so glad you appreciated my box choice. It was the only one I had that was the perfect size :) Also, thanks for the race shout out! It's funny how people aren't beating down the door to run an ultra in Feb.

    I never like to be productive, especially on snow days. All I did today that could be considered productive was bake cookies and do the dishes because those damn kids still slack on their chores. It's all "wah wah I can't reach" and "Goo goo gaa gaa" Excuses, excuses.

  8. Harrison allows zero sleeping in. I just tried really hard to decipher what those gifts for him were but I couldn't :( good thing only 17 days til Fakesmas!

  9. I'm more of a #1 than #2. I slept in, played some computer games, and finally motivated to go outside and run some snowy trails (and try out my YakTrax). Now I'm lazing around again.

  10. Bahahaha. I woke up at 4:45, saw we had a snow day, tried to go back to sleep, but was too excited. So I got up, went on a run, walked the dogs, took a nap, did some stuff for work, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, some strength training at home, biked on my indoor trainer, did some food prep, took the dogs on another walk, and shortly I'll be going to yoga.

    Although, in my defense, I did 95% of that while sitting on my couch (or bike) watching Hulu... so that has to count for something, right?

  11. Despite snow piling up, here in MI you need about 10 feet of snow and horrific warnings from the state police in order to get a snow day. Buuut I still wore my jammies inside out last night and will do the same tonight, just in case. My personality matches yours! Ass prints on the couch make me a happy gal!

  12. At first I thought your package was going to be one of those extraterrestrial Brooks UFO boxes. That blanket looks super soft. Right now I have the pleasure of cold weather without the possibility of a snow day. But I also have the luxury of being able to work from home sometimes. I think I have dreams of having Reaction #2, but in reality Reaction #1 always wins.

  13. Though I'm usually really organized and productive, snow days are not the time for that. Snow days are for sitting around and doing nothing and watching mindless television.

  14. I am a horrible sleeper inner. Mostly since I had kids and I have to get them ready for school. I have never had a snow day for work, people always show up and want their surgery. I do get pretty lazy on some of my days off though, other days I admit I clean closets.

    Love the jammies and blanket

  15. I work for the federal government so I had a snow day Tuesday too. I stayed in my pjs till noon, but then had a super productive afternoon. So I guess I'm some kind of hybrid.

  16. Your new PJ's and blanket look really comfy and warm! And purple is my favorite color.

    I am a mix of the two personality types you described, if I get a snow day or other unexpected day off. First I sleep in a bit, at least later than I would normally get up for work, and then I stay in my PJ's until at least noon. But by the afternoon, I get down to some kind of to-do list to take advantage of the extra time. Usually it's just stuff around the house that can be done in my PJ's, though.


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