Thursday, March 13, 2014

7 things Thursday

1. Apparently I'm pretty predictable in my book choices. Last night I had a conversation with Eric that went like this.

A (me) - Did I tell you about the book I'm reading now?
E - Is it about murder, torture, and rape?
A - Yeah! So I told you?
E - No. Just going off all your book choices.

It's really weird because I refuse to watch movies with a plot deeper than Legally Blonde 99% percent of the time. And I consider Hunger Games to be part of the other 1%, so do what you will with that.

For those who share my tastes, the book is called Escape from Camp 14, and it's the true story of a man who escaped from a North Korean prison camp. While it has made me insanely appreciative of my own life, due to the gruesome torture scenes I don't recommend it unless you are willing to give up several nights of sleep (might be worth it though, it's that good).

2. I'm running a race this weekend. The Shamrock 5k. 5ks are much more my speed now, and this one has a party at the end.

3. I'm discovering insomnia has some perks. The main one I've noticed is that it makes it really easy to get up to run in the morning, because when the alarm goes off, I'm already awake. It's called optimism. Sometimes I dabble in it, although I'm still much more comfortable with sarcasm and cynicism.

4. I continued not to let insomnia win, and started my day off with this (on the treadmill).

Here's a youtube link, so you can watch it and your day can be as wonderful as mine. I only wish I could somehow watch that in the last .2 of every marathon, it really gets me going.

5. Sometimes I get really homesick and miss the place where I grew up (Rochester, NY, about 400 miles north of my current home in Baltimore). Other times, not. Yesterday was the latter. They got a ridiculous blizzard with something like 2 feet of snow. Here, it was 65 and mild. Facebook statuses continued to confirm I made the right choice.

6. This exists. Go buy them before I beat you to it and eat them all.

7. We did our after work teacher bootcamp today. A lot of resistance band exercises were involved, and other things I never do like plank and lunges. I have a feeling I'm in for a world of hurt tomorrow.

What's your favorite movie and/or book genre?



  1. I saw those eggs at the navy exchange when I was there on Tuesday, but I was dubious. I stuck with my old faithful coconut cream. Maybe I'll send Jeff out for more :)

  2. I like action/adventure books and movies. Anything by James Rollins or David Golemon makes me tune out of life for a few days.

  3. I tend to stick to my coconut eggs too, I tried red velvet cake egg and was zero impressed. I love concentration camp, war camp war survival stories, I have read quite a few from ww2

  4. I have so many fav books and movies, it's hard to pick! I think my go-to favorite movie is still Gone with the Wind. Love that movie!!

  5. I just read a bunch of really trashy chick lit since my brain can't seem to process anything else anymore. It's really working for me.

  6. Ok, weird. I just started following your blog, I think I found you through some random link following from other blogs. I started reading back through your posts and *bam* you're from Rochester?! Me too! It's always weird hearing someone mention Rochester, Since it seems like 90% of the country has no idea it exists.


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