Thursday, March 20, 2014

My favorite tweet ever

Here's some things making my week awesome.

1. I love the Today show. I always watch as much as I can while getting ready for work (and in the shower, I listen to the Kane show on I heart radio, for those who want to know my whole routine). I was super excited about Savannah's big news (she got married this weekend and announced her pregnancy Monday). I've followed her on twitter for awhile, and she's hilarious. This is all a build up so you understand how much this made my life.

2. Buzzfeed recipes. Chicken pot pie pizza. Click the link. Make it. Thank me. Tell your spouse to thank me. I also made the Harissa lentils in the article for lunch, also a winner.

3. I'm pretty sure the last time this happened, we were out of town attending our nephew's first birthday party. This year, it's coming back to Baltimore, and I fully intend to stalk the crap out of it. If you are unfamiliar with the term "brony", please, click the link, and be prepared to laugh and laugh. I am prepared to weather another large scale attack in my comment section if any bronies are reading.


4. This should probably be higher up, but I'm too lazy to renumber. LESS THAN 24 HOURS UNTIL DIVERGENT. We're going to the 7:20 show tomorrow.

5. In other movies based on books with Shailene Woodley, I watched The Fault in Our Stars preview and literally sobbed. Not like teared up, like Eric asked me what I was watching and I couldn't speak to reply. I still want to see it. Who wants to bring their own tissue box and come with me?

Actually I have a lot more thoughts on books turned movies that I'm dying to see (the only type of movie I ever want to see), but let's move on.

6. This weekend is my long awaited girls BFF beach trip! The three of us have been partners in crime since we lived together from 2006-2008, but it started long before then. I've been close with each of them for over a decade. Wow, that made me sound old.

2013 - the year of the 30th birthdays

Carolyn (far left) is due with the first baby of the group in May! We've gone on a lot of road trips over the years, and we're sneaking in one last one before things completely change. The high is 66 for Saturday - not exactly bathing suit weather, but definitely a nice spring beach day.

What's the next movie you are dying to see (and I'm serious about my invitation to the Fault in Our Stars)?


  1. That biscuit pizza looks unbelievable! I make something similar in the crockpot - you put all the chicken pot pie ingredient (minus the crust) in the crockpot and let it cook, then top with biscuits for the last hour and let those cook. Basically, I just love biscuits.

    Have fun this weekend!!

  2. When I was pregnant I watched a Hallmark movie and was crying so hard when my husband came home he thought I was losing the baby or something. I couldn't even explain why I was crying because it just made me cry harder. I tried to tell him the next day and just started to cry again. Pregnancy in amazing.

  3. Definitely Divergent...though, I'm told I have to wait to go see it til Sunday so Mike can watch college basketball playoffs. LAME.

  4. True story: I had never in my life heard the term "brony" before reading this post, and then like an hour later, I was watching a show on Bravo, and they said it! Bronies everywhere!!

    The Savannah Guthrie tweet made me extremely excited too, you are not alone!!

  5. I still haven't seen the second Hunger Games but it's on the list...I know, I know. But a friend saw Divergent last night and said it was awful, so I'm kinda panicked.


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