Sunday, March 30, 2014

I am easily stressed

This week I got to spend my Friday night in my favorite way. Eating, and watching a funny movie while laying on the couch. I made chili lime chicken burgers (from Trader Joes, really good) and Easter candy (Cadbury cream egg and white chocolate Reese's egg for me, 6 pack of Reese's eggs for Eric) and we watched Anchor Man 2. I don't think it was nearly as good as the original, but I can't say for sure because I am literally incapable of staying awake past 8pm now. I watched most of the movie in that combination of dozing/waking up watching a little/dozing again.

I also can't hold a thought for over a second, so by the time I woke up in the morning I forgot to ask Eric what he thought. So there's your movie review. Stay classy, San Diego.

Saturday, I helped put on a baby shower for one of my best friends in the whole world, Carolyn. I almost typed bridal shower because I wish I were 25 again, but those days are gone.

The shower had a jungle theme (to match their nursery) and her mother/mother in law did an amazing job. They actually did all the hard/expensive stuff, and my other BFF Casi and I helped in the fun (putting on games, gift duty), not having to buy a ton of stuff way. Perfection.

Amazing cake

First diaper cake I've seen in real life

Chocolate lion covered pretzel favor that I was eating in my pjs after the shower even though
I ate 1.5 desserts at the shower.
Carolyn opening the best gift (mine)
How cute is she with her baby bump? Side note - if you want to borrow a maternity dress, is it best to do it before the baby arrives? Asking for a friend.
Showers can be a little stressful for me, in the same way that going on Pinterest or walking down the hallway at school and peeking in everyone's classrooms in August can be stressful - it makes me feel inferior. Not normally, but I have maid of honor duties and I'm working on a shower of my own coming up. For someone not creative or crafty in the slightest, it's annoying to see how great things look when someone crafty/creative does take the wheel. Luckily, I have some help by people way better at this stuff than me.

It's also a little stressful in another way. Have you ever gone to a shower and fleetingly thought, "huh, wow, babies need a lot of crap". I have, and now suddenly it's not a fleeting thought anymore. I need to get all that crap. And fit it in our two bedroom apartment.

Before the shower I did Jillian Michael's Boost Your Metabolism. I did it last Saturday, and it made my calves so sore it was like Tuesday before I could walk without limping. Based on my movement so far today (mainly walking to the bathroom), it seems I'm in for more of the same.

Help me out - share some easy crafty ideas that someone who sucks at crafting can do for a shower. Or - favorite shower game! We played one where everyone had a popsicle stick with a mustache on one side and red lipstick on the other, and they had to guess whether facts read aloud were about the mom or dad.




  1. My mom and sister just threw a coed shower for me and my husband. Not particularly shower-y in terms of games and opening gifts and whatnot, but my sister outdid herself with travel-themed decorations and cake, and she set up a wooden block station, with blank blocks, sharpies, and cutouts from classic children's books (which I think she bought on etsy?). Guests decorated five sides of each block with the cutouts and then wrote a message to the new baby on the sixth, and then my sister preserved them all with (non-toxic) shellack or something. It was a hit at the party, and now we have an awesome set of personalized building blocks for the kid!

  2. I don't like typical shower games so my sister made name that babies celebrity parents game. loved it!

  3. Babies do need a lot of crap, but sometimes I think people think they need much more than they do. I went to a shower once for a coworker. They rented a reception room for it because the mom and dad to be both had enormous families. Another pregnant coworker of ours brought her mother, and while the gifts were being opened, she was sitting there telling her mother she needed each thing that was being opened. A lot of it was not necessary at all and really kind of silly. The couple had a small apartment. Baby stuff ended up in every corner because they couldn't get rid of it.

  4. I suck at crafting, so I can't help you there. My only advice is to enlist someone who is crafty and give them a theme to work with :) That baby shower you were at was insanely cute!

    The only shower I've ever been to was one we threw for my friend who had a baby while we were in college. None of us were exactly sure what to do for a baby shower, and there weren't really any adults involved, so it was kinda rinky-dink. There was cake, though, so that was good. And she got lots of baby gifts, although they were from poor college kids.

  5. Oh man, I am terrible at shower games/crafty stuff in general. I just can't get into it at all. But the shower you went to this weekend looks adorable! And I would totally wear your friend's dress and I'm not even pregnant. It's so pretty!

  6. Sorry, can't help. I am anti-shower, but especially anti-games at showers. I know my friends will throw a bridal shower for me but they are under strict instructions to avoid all games!

    1. Well, unless Cards Against Humanity counts?

  7. I never like shower games, so I can't really help you out too much. My friend did a mad-libs game at mine this weekend, though and that was fun/hilarious.

    I think the key to a good shower is the food anyway, and you're fantastic at that, so you have nothing to worry about.


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