Monday, March 17, 2014

A wild St. Patty's Day weekend

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments on my last post! Obviously, it's a pretty intimidating life change, so it is a huge relief that strangers on the internet think we will be good parents. It also feels great to finally have everything out in the open and not feel like a dirty liar anymore.

We are our millionth snow day today, which is lucky because I need a day to recover from my jam packed weekend.

Friday night, we had friends over for a Catching Fire viewing party. When your mom manages a movie theater, you get access to prime party d├ęcor.

One more for good measure.
What goes perfectly with the Hunger Games? Tons of food. Lasagna with homemade sauce, bread, and salad, so we could feel healthy.

I took a close up of the lasagna but it had so much cheese on top that it just looked weird. I really like cheese.

I stuck with the theme and made chocolate lasagna for dessert.

The ending of Catching Fire is such a tease, and we still have a good 9 months until the first Mockingjay movie is out. At least we had the gigantic posters to console us.

Team Gale

I don't know.
On Saturday I drove down to Virginia to see, Katylin, my friend from way back in the day (7th grade, when her grandfather backed into my mom's minivan dropping us off at a party). We went out to lunch and did some shopping, then hung out at her house playing with her gorgeous 18 month old daughter. Despite the cuteness, somehow all I took a picture of is my new $11 teapot from Burlington Coat Factory. I don't know if that's a good price, and I certainly didn't know Burlington sold things other than coats, but I'm happy with it. I'm currently off coffee, so it was sorely needed.

Sunday I did the Shamrock 5k. It doesn't start until 1:15pm, which is genius, because it combines my love of running and love of sleeping.

We left our posters up all weekend. Totally so I could pose with Peeta and Katniss, not because we're lazy.

You can't tell, but I'm wearing Shamrock earrings.
My friend Alex is injured, which is unfortunate, but it meant he had to run at my slow pace so I had a race buddy.

Check out those shorts
It turns out that when you aren't killing yourself for a PR, 3.1 miles goes by extremely quickly, especially when you have someone to chat with. It was pretty much a perfect race - you start on a downhill, which is really cool because there's 5000 people, so you just look down on a giant sea of green. After the downhill, it's completely flat. It was around 40 degrees, perfect running weather.

I didn't even run a personal worst (that was a hilly turkey trot in pouring rain). My official time was 32:00. As soon as I crossed the finish line, I gracefully completely wiped out. I am praying there's a picture. My knee took the brunt of it.

It looks more impressive today.
After the race, there's a huge after party with unlimited bananas, pretzels, and beer. It's at Power Plant, a cluster of bars where you go when you want a wild night you probably won't remember. It's where I first met Eric.

40 degrees is the perfect running weather, but not the perfect outdoor party weather, so after grabbing some chips and green beads, I speed walked the mile and a half back to my car. I caught a little of the parade on the way.

How did you celebrate St.Patrick's Day?

PS - I just have to mention that there are FOUR days until Divergent comes out!


  1. St. Patrick's Day is actually today, so I'm celebrating by doing pretty much nothing. I don't even have any green on. I am married to a half irishman with a red beard, though, so I think that counts for something.

    Mike and I were going to go to the movies this weekend, but then I realized that I probably wouldn't be able to sit through an entire movie without having to go to the bathroom and miss parts. I HAVE to see Divergent, though!

  2. I totally spaced St. Patrick's this year...meh. But I think it's crazy that while you have a snow day, we're hitting almost 70 today with threats of "fire danger." Seriously.

  3. I loved your announcement photo! That was too funny.

    I also completely spaced on St Pattys Day today and am wearing purple. Oops. How is your knee feeling? That looks like it hurt!

  4. I am incredibly jealous of your THG poster! And I'm slightly obsessed with Catching Fire. So glad it came out on DVD here in the UK today!

    And congratulations! Loved the graphic on your last post.

  5. Anonymous Irish StepfatherMarch 17, 2014 at 6:56 PM

    I approve of the green in this post. I'm celebrating St. Patrick's Day hanging with your nephew.

  6. That's one fancy tea pot. I wish I had the kind that sang instead of shrilly whistling at me. That's my dream.

  7. Man, I wish I had a parent who managed a movie theater! It was just my husband and me watching Catching Fire, but I totally still would have decorated if I had access to posters like that.

    Can't wait for Divergent! I'm not sure how I feel about Shailene playing Tris, because I only see her as that girl from Secret Life of the American Teenager (I watched the first season... I don't know why). But I'll probably just focus on Tobias the whole time, anyway.

  8. Perhaps you could sell those posters off to the highest bidder, and start your baby's college fund with a bang!


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