Sunday, May 11, 2014


Happy Mother's Day! It's a little intimidating now that I'm officially applying for the job. Luckily I've had some time to study the world's best role models.

It's been an unusual week of Instagram worthy photos, and when you don't have children, pets, and are against gratuitous selfies, that's kind of a big deal.

On Wednesday, we celebrated our healthy baby BOY in the best way - with tons of food. Our absolute favorite food ever is Ethiopian, and we had been saving a Groupon for a new place downtown.

Doesn't look appetizing, but bread is the utensil. Enough said.
Then we used a gift card to "toast". Note to self - this is the best gift for a pregnant woman.

I got lemon custard, no chocolate?!
Friday night, we celebrated my friend Angela's birthday on Baltimore's Pirate Cruise.

You get pirate outfits, pirate tattoos, and pirate photobombs.

Birthday girl and Eric manning the cannons
The cruise is essentially an adult frat party on water, so going sober could have gone either way. While the jokes the pirates told weren't as funny as I remembered, it was still a good time. Plus, Eric got a DD and I felt great the next morning. Win win.

Since I'm done racing for probably the rest of the calendar year, I spent the rest of the weekend living vicariously. My BFF Casi ran her first marathon today!

She ran the Delaware Marathon, along with her cousin. I ran it last year with Kari and Ashley, and we all had awful races, so I had no qualms about staying on the sidelines this year.

2013 - so happy...before. Also, so skinny, compared to our most recent get together.
2014 - so happy.... the whole time.
I spent Saturday night in Delaware helping the marathoners carb load, and then ate Reese's Pieces in the glorious hotel bed while watching Forrest Gump. The baby is clearly a peanut butter fan, because he was going crazy and moving more than I've ever felt him.

The race began at 7, and my alarm went off at 5:50. I woke up, then realized that one of the many advantages to cheering, not running, was getting up at a normal human time. I went back to sleep until 8.

Kara came up with this genius sign idea.

I knew it wasn't for everyone, but I was going for that "OMG AMAZING" reaction from the runners who do make good choices in life and entertainment. It turned out that describes exactly one Delaware marathoner. Based on the likes I got on FB and IG, something doesn't add up.

I made the other side "normal" when I wanted a break from the confused looks.
My favorite running buddy, Lily, and I have done a lot of running and racing together, but never spectating. We staked out a spot at mile 14/16 (out and back) and had fun screaming all the marathoners' names. I love when they put them on the bibs. We had a pretty gorgeous view of the water and the weather was perfect for cheering (horrible for running, thank god I wasn't doing that).


Despite a crazy hot day after a long, cold training season, Casi looked great and finished strong!

Our grueling cheering schedule didn't allow time for meal breaks. Lily's aunt saved our lives by bringing us clementines and tiny drinkable yogurts. I'd never seen such a thing, but she assured me I would once I was a mother.

That fueled us enough to do a 30 minute run. I don't know how the marathoners did it, that was more than enough for me. I'm starting to understand the side eyes I get when telling people about my hobby.

I get a lot of grief from my friends, coworkers, students, strangers, etc for my devotion to sunscreen, even those in the medical profession! Well, it's not just for fun. Check out what happens when I miss a spot.

Now I'm striped.
 Since my own child is only halfway cooked, I was counting on next year being my first official Mother's day, and just focused on celebrating my own mother and MIL. But I got some sweet texts and Eric surprised me with a really thoughtful card (he's more the funny card type, so it was notable). He also got me two little gifts.
This was one.
At first I wasn't sure where to wear this item, but I decided it was perfect for some sort of pregnant bachelorette party. I already have one fellow knocked up friend committed.

What's your favorite ethnic cuisine?

Sunscreen - yay or nay? Call me crazy, but skin cancer sounds terrible.




  1. Yes, skin cancer does sound terrible. As a fellow pale person who burns easily, I've been embracing the sun screen. People make fun of how "pasty" I am but some of them have leather-like skin so I'm happy with my choices.

  2. Sunscreen all the way. I vainly burned myself as a teenager while lifeguarding and using baby oil and dark tanning lotion (does anyone even do that any longer, I wonder?) on my skin. Although I have skin than tans easily, I still protect it, now that I'm older and wiser (ha!) and have seen the long-term negative effects of sun exposure on several family members.

  3. that sign is amazing. the people of delaware clearly have terrible taste.

  4. Hmmm ethnic cuisine? Pretty much anything, but I love Indian food and Patrick hates it, so I try to eat it whenever he isn't around.

    I am also a former lifeguard who "protected" with oil and tanning lotion in high school and college. Oops! At least I don't burn too easily. That said, my mom has had multiple skin cancer lesions removed this year (including one that left a 3 inch scar on her forehead!) so now I am way more vigilant about it.

  5. I have never had Ethiopian food, but I would love to try it someday, bread it always good. My favorite ethnic food is steak wherever that falls in. I do also really love nearly anything Italian, I had the best food while I was there.

    I burn like you do, so sunscreen is a must, I am pretty vigilant with it.

  6. Does sushi count? If so, I'm voting for that. I really love Thai food too-- curry is my thing. And I try to be good about sunscreen because I'm outside so damn much. But, i just realized YESTERDAY that the backs of my hands look old and wrinkled and I realized I don't ever put sunscreen there. Now I have old lady hands!

  7. I would have stopped mid-race to take a picture of that awesome sign.

    I now feel properly chastised for mocking your sunscreen use. :)

  8. I have had that same striped sunburn MANY times. Life is so hard when you're pale.

  9. Just thinking about last year's race pains me. Spectating was definitely the way to go.

    I wear sunscreen like it's my job.


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