Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I wish I could quit you, caffeine

As I previously mentioned, I have a huge weekend coming up: my little sister's bridal shower and bachelorette party is on Saturday! SO. EXCITED.

I swear she is my little sister, I'm just really short
 I'm spending this week preparing in the traditional ways. More importantly, I'm abstaining from all caffeine until the big day. That way, I can have all of my weekly allowance while partying, if needed. It's hard enough trying to keep up with girls in their early 20s in your 30s to begin with. Add in simultaneously trying to create life, and it's a recipe for falling asleep on the dance floor. I plan to keep up a steady regiment of diet cokes in order not to miss any fun.

Fun. #proof #primeofmybeaver
I don't have to worry about staying awake to drive though, because we have a limo taking us out on the town. I've been in limos only a few times in my whole life, and I think the only time I had an extended limo experience was my junior prom, which turned out to be pretty sub par. This will obviously be much better. Imagine a prom picture posted here, except I don't have any and it was back before digital cameras existed (at least in my world).

Unrelated, but it took me a really long time to find appropriate pictures to post.
I found a dress that fits, and also accentuates the blessings that pregnancy brings to your body, and I mean that literally. Bonus - I already own it. It still fit this past Saturday, so let's all cross our fingers for just four more days.

I've given up caffeine several times during this pregnancy. You would think I would just quit it entirely, but I really, really love coffee, and I swear I can tell the difference with decaf. I've learned that cutting down from tons of caffeine to only a tiny bit is shockingly easy. Cutting back from that little tiny bit to nothing is horrible and results in like 5 days of withdrawal. I keep doing it to myself because I don't learn.

In the same vein, this morning I did have to quit my run. I've complained excessively about how running is uncomfortable, but this time it was making everything feel really tight and crampy, and it just didn't seem right. I turned around after half a mile and ran/walked back home, and then did 20 minutes on the elliptical. Dr. Google diagnosed me with Braxton Hicks contractions. I thought those were supposed to hit when you're about ready to pop, but the internet said they were normal in the second trimester, so add that to my list of surprises.

The tight, uncomfortable feeling persisted throughout the school day, which I mention because it seems that a lot of commenters have been pregnant and can tell me if it's normal. It seems dehydration can cause it, and I find there's only so hydrated you can get in a small 90 degree classroom with 24 kids. Lying down seems to alleviate things as well, which also isn't an option during the workday, so I'll take this as God punishing me for not marrying rich. It wasn't painful, just annoying, and yet I still reserve the right to whine. Oh, and one other thing, now average sized meals leave me Thanksgiving level full. Normal?

Another fun thing going on this week is that Bank of America called me yesterday to inform me they were canceling my debit card. Apparently a merchant that I used it to purchase something from is under investigation for a breech of security. Which merchant is a huge secret and they refused to tell me, so I'll cross my fingers that none of you shop there. So now I have no debit card for this upcoming weekend out of state. Do you think I can work it enough to get free diet cokes all night?

Furthermore, I really wanted to read "This American Wife" but it's only available in the old fashioned paper version? There's no kindle version available. I may have spent over 20 years reading books that way, but once you go electronic, you can't go back. So now I don't know what to do.

On the bright side, I can now see kicks from the outside, so I spent a significant portion of my three day weekend just staring at my belly. He seems to sense as soon as I call Eric over to see and stops right away. Tricky.

What was the last occasion that called for a limo in your life?


  1. You can save up your caffeine allotment?

  2. Bank of America did the same thing to me but mines a credit card not a debit card. Funny thing is that I hardly ever use it except for vacation rentals, hotels or recently my local vet. So I cant imagine what merchant it could be.

  3. Loved the American Wife - made me rethink a little bit of my opinion of George/Laura Bush (if that's the book I am thinking of) - yes I know it's fiction, but it was really well written and a great story. I too hate reading paper books after converting to kindle/ipad. I hate the feeling of the paper on my fingers! I had to stop running at about 25 weeks with my boy pregnancy - he sat really really low and punished me with BH as well - SO painful, like tight squeezes in my lower abdomen. My girl sat up higher and I could "run" nearly to the end. (she was also littler). It doesn't matter whether you run the whole pregnancy or half of it, it STILL is painful getting back in shape again afterwards (my opinion)! I had a really relaxed doctor regarding the caffeine thing. She said as long as I didn't get the jitters and kept it to a moderate amount (as defined by me!) she wasn't too fussed. But we're not in the US so that might be why she's so relaxed! Good luck with it all, your first pregnancy (and baby!) is such a special one, try to enjoy each moment!

  4. Man, pregnancy sounds brutal! And I haven't been in a limo forever but you're making me think of it for my sister's bachelorette in September. I may need to hit you up for ideas...I kinda suck at this stuff! :)

  5. You are so tan in that first picture!!

    The last time I was in a limo was my 26th birthday and we took it wine tasting....it was awesome.

    Have a great time this weekend!!

  6. I've been in a limo three times: 1) ride to the airport with my dad when I was super young and I thought it was the shit controlling the radio back there. 2) from the airport to hotel in NOLA with some friends and 3) to go to the Ke$ha concert because...duh.

  7. That dress is super cute, you make a very adorable knocked up woman! Yes, it's totally normal to feel super full because of the fact that your stomach is now up by your lungs and there's just no room. I am confused about what book you are trying to find, mostly because I wanted to try to find it in some digital format for you. I know my library has a digital copy of THE American Wife and Amazon does have a kindle version, so maybe that's not the same book? I drank coffee during both pregnancies, less with Tysen than Kaleena...Both kids are normal, seem pretty smart and all that, I can't imagine giving up caffeine!

  8. actually the last time i was in a limo was for a bachelorette party in vegas and we were heading to the strip club. and before that it was for prom. but i didn't have one at my wedding...hmm something seems wrong with this picture.

  9. I can only imagine how hard it was for you to quit caffeine, especially if you’ve been used to drinking a cup or two to lighten the day’s mood. However, it’s a sacrifice you’ll be thankful for when you see your healthy baby after your delivery. Anyway, I’m so excited to see your post about your sister’s wedding. Enjoying your quality time with them is a great experience, and riding the limo while roaming the city is a plus. Take care!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limo Of Indy


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