Monday, May 26, 2014

I like books more than people (sometimes)

I've been enjoying a glorious weekend of three of my favorite things: sleeping, reading, and very little human interaction. Actually four, if you count the fact that I went to Wegmans last night.

Replace "scotch" with "sleep" for my philosophy on life. Yes, I know I'm choosing to give it up forever.

I've been continuing to go outside the box with workouts (meaning stuff other than running/workout DVDs). Friday morning, I actually strapped on a maternity bathing suit and swam laps. It was my first swim workout since my triathlon heyday of 2012.

Swimming is hard. I went in with the idea of trying to make it 30 minutes. After awhile, my arms were on fire, and I was exhausted, so I checked my watch. I was 6 minutes in.

I made it to 30, and it was rough, but also weirdly enjoyable. I've heard that as you get really big it's one of the most sustainable workouts, so I'm hoping I can continue with that after running and I part ways.

Saturday, I met my BFF Casi insanely early (before 8am on a holiday weekend) for a boot camp workout. Baltimore does a wellness series in the summer so you can go to all sorts of free, outdoor workouts on weekend mornings.

The boot camp was filled with a ton of activities that looked easy and then hurt like hell. I wore my heart rate monitor, but there were a lot of upper body things that were so painful, but didn't get your heart rate up, so I had no excuse not to do them.

On the bright side, we were working out to this view.

There was also a heavy kickboxing portion, and everyone loves a good pretend beat down to all the people who have passed you off throughout the week.

Sunday was a rest day, but I did walk to Ross Dress for Less to use gift cards to get some much bigger (much needed) pairs of shorts. As far as I know, the baby doesn't reside in my thighs, and yet my running shorts aren't fitting there so well. Obviously the waistbands weren't working for me anymore, either.

Saturday and Sunday I returned to my old self and drank my coffee the way God intended. (Well, it's decaf, which is a crime against nature, but still, it's black).

I used my favorite city mug to celebrate.

For some reason today I was back to putting half and half in it. I don't get it.

My hours of reading have been devoted to both fiction and nonfiction. My nonfiction selection is a book on breastfeeding, and my fiction choice is Lonesome Dove.

My mom recommended it to me. It's not my usual genre of choice (it's an action packed Western), but that's what I first said about Game of Thrones and we see what happened there. It is similar to Game of Thrones in terms of length, excessive number of characters, and GRRM's "no one is safe" style. I've been loving it, plus I can watch the miniseries on Netflix with Eric after I'm done.

I'm 89% finished with it now so the anxiety of "what am I going to read next" has begun. It's a real problem in my life, especially after a long book like this where I've become attached to the characters.

Today I'll mostly be getting stuff ready for my sister's bridal shower and bachelorette party this weekend! Also, hopefully doing grad work. Not that I ever want to, but my summer class officially starts tomorrow so I'd like to get that crap out of the way before the festivities this weekend, so I'm hoping they posted the assignments early.

Name five fictional characters you'd rather spend your holiday weekend with than actual people.



  1. My weekend is filled with WAY too many visitors. I want to just sit by myself. So I'm jealous of your weekend.

  2. We had a BBQ yesterday so today I'm recovering in the same fashion - pool, wine, book, no visitors :) oddly enough, I went swimming on Fri and am now reading about Ironman races. Maybe 2015? Hmmm

  3. I just read American Wife by Curtis Sittenfield and really enjoyed it, highly recommend if you're looking for a good saga-ish read!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lonesome Dove, I have read it at least 5 times in my life and it is my sons favorite movie, they cast Gus perfectly. and parts of it were filmed on a neighboring ranch. like right over the hill from us. IT is so epic! I remember watching the mini series when it came out on tv. I can't wait to hear how you like the whole book.

    I just read the Book Thief and enjoyed it, except for it being very sad!

    1. We of course also own the mini series on VHS and DVD and have watched it on Netflix, there is also a movie that is pre Lonesome Dove. I can't think of the name of it now, but my son could tell if he was awake and that is a pretty good show too. I would assume it is also a book.

  5. Never read it! And I'm kinda jealous of your weekend. We had an awesome time backpacking but now I'm back and heading to work, feeling like I really need a nap!

  6. I could sit an read all weekend and never interact with people and be completely happy with my life. Sadly, there are people who live in my house who demand attention, so that's not really possible. BUT I can dream about it!

  7. Not sure if it'd be your thing but I really enjoy Peter Clines Ex series of books. The first one is Ex-Heroes. They are about a group of superheroes during the zombie apocalypse. I wasn't sure about that at first but the books are really good. My husband enjoys them too (and has read all of the GoT books too).

  8. "Special Topics in Calamity Physics"-by Marisha Pessl. Don't be put off by the odd title. It becomes a total "stoptalkingtomesoIcanfinishthisstory!!" book.


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