Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some random pregnancy thoughts

Sometimes I get freaked out thinking OMG I'm about to be responsible for another human FOREVER. I hope this is normal. But I found a cure for this anxiety. Baby leggings. I started browsing them last night and they are so freaking cute. I stayed up an hour past my bedtime, but it was so worth it.

Baby hats are a VERY close second. My teammate just gave me a whole bunch of amazingly cute ones. Here's my favorite.

The little spikes. I die.

I called a daycare center and left a message saying that my husband and I would need care for our son and then I was like WTF AM I SAYING it sounded so weird that I could barely leave my phone number after that.

I can feel him moving all the time now and I love it so much. It's usually just sort of random weirdness but occasionally I can feel harder movements that I assume are kicks/punches. Eric has felt some too!

I joined a gym. Rejoined the YMCA, actually. It's across the street, somewhat cheap, and there's no joining fee so I can just do a month to month and quit when the baby arrives. I'd been considering it for awhile, with running getting on my nerves more and more. It's actually felt good recently, but I don't have any delusions that will last.

Last night I went to Body Sculpt, a weight lifting class. I figured I'd just do what I could and modify as necessary, but it was almost all upper body work so I actually could do all the moves. Not that I was lifting heavy weights, but you get the idea. This morning, I went to spin class. I forgot how much I loooove spin class. I think it was the first prego workout where I actually looked forward to the future when I can go full force. Usually I'm 100% comfortable half assing and phoning it in. I think this YMCA think is a good move.

I went to dinner with some friends after work at Corner Bakery and got desserts to bring home for me and Eric. I got him a chocolate chip cookie, and me a lemon bar. I choose lemon over chocolate, no regrets. Hormones are so weird.

Speaking of hormones, there's no middle ground any more between "slightly sad" and "sobbing". I started seriously crying at the end of Game of Thrones when they flashed the "3 episodes left".

Full disclosure - I have tears in my eyes just writing that.

My class is reading The Watson go to Birmingham. If you're not familiar, it's historical fiction dealing with the Birmingham church bombing that killed four black girls in 1963. As we got closer and closer to the chapter with the bombing, I was getting pretty nervous about teaching such a sad topic. It got to the point where I was crying just planning the lesson. I finally had to have my coworker take over and teach that day while I just sat in silence and tried to hold it together. Shining moment in my career.

I am slowly transitioning to maternity clothes. I only have one pair of pants that fit, length wise, and I am trying to just drag out my previously owned flowy dresses long enough to make it past pants season. It's practically memorial day, so I think I'm almost safe. 16 more days of school/"professional" outfits before I can wear pajamas 24/7.

Here's my one pair of maternity pants. Ignore my hair and face, this is how people look after a day of chasing children. I'll look better when I'm relaxed in the summer.

I think I had more but, pregnancy brain, and that's probably enough rambling anyway.

What anxiety keeps you up at night? Mine is often really mundane, like I'll wake up at 2am and realize I forgot to do some stupid paperwork and then be up for an hour and hate myself for failing at sleep.



  1. So this is my first comment, but I've been reading for a while (creepy, right?). Anyway, Old Navy sells maternity pants in long length, so if you need some pants, I'd check there.

    1. Yay! I love new commenters! Pics are deceiving though. I'm super short and need midget pants.

    2. They sell both long and short!

  2. That top looks fabulous on you! I love seeing the bump grow!

  3. Anxiety sucks and it hits me at night too and I also can't sleep then. I'll even go so far as to get up and check something because I will think I forgot to do something in the middle of the might. It's so lame. I just want solid sleeeeeeep. Yes I'm whining.

  4. Ah! Adorable bump!! I love it.

    I was also devastated by "only 3 episodes left." What happens to Tyrion??

  5. Next thing you know it'll be the actual baby keeping you up at night and you'll be reading blogs at 4 am :)

  6. I"m with Kara-- that top looks really good on you! And the baby hat! I love little baby socks-- those are what get me the most :)

  7. Usually my anxiety stems from my brain saying, "hey, remember that stupid thing you did 3 years ago? Think about that NOW." I'm a bit on the neurotic side. And yes, baby leggings are too adorable!

  8. Lemon/lime things have tasted awesome to me during this pregnancy too. I wonder if I'm having a boy too?! (We should find out on Wednesday!!!)
    We finally contacted and toured our first childcare this week. We have another lined up for next week. It is kind of crazy! I am also looking into classes at the hospital and I probably should have committed to classes sooner. Oops. We should at least be able to fit some in before my due date!
    You are looking great! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  9. Be careful if you are wearing non-maternity tops. They slowely become stretched out and you will find they are kind wonky after you have the baby. At least that was my experience.

  10. Are you doing the elastic around the pants button thing? I had a friend that did that till she was like, 6 months pregnant because she didn't want to buy maternity clothes.
    I can't sleep over money. But that's only lately because we have done SO MANY home improvements (not all voluntary) lately. That crap really adds up. I miss apartments.


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