Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This guy is a master

Once again, real life responsibilities get in the way of blogging. I thought I'd have all this free time on my grad-school free week, but regular work stepped up and took over. I'm not actually that busy, but when you fall asleep on the couch at 7:30 pm, it makes the day seem really short.

This past weekend, Eric went to go see Godzilla. I almost went with him, but then I remembered I hate people, movies, sitting upright, and IMAX. Instead, I spent Saturday afternoon running on the NCR trail (read: flat and shady) and shopping at Wegmans.

Sunday was a big day.

It was Eric's graduation from his master's program! Insert long paragraph here about all his hard work and how proud I am that random blog readers don't care about. Don't worry, he doesn't read and I've shared my thoughts with him in person, because we live together and I can do that.

Not only did he graduate - he joined instagram. A big day all around. Feel free to follow him at eric.lindsey.771.

Selfishly, I'm excited about getting to spend nights and weekends with him again. Also selfishly, I'm horribly jealous because I'm still not done with my masters and I started first.

One exciting moment in my life was trying to bring that water bottle in. They tried to deny me, but I told them I was pregnant and I needed it. The guy looked me up and down in a fairly creepy way and then allowed it. For a moment I thought he was going to outright call me a liar, but he DIDN'T. Also at dinner a random stranger asked me if I was expecting, SO THERE RANDOM CREEPY GRADUATION DOORGUY WITH AN INFLATED EGO.

I didn't really need the water, but I didn't feel like buying an overpriced one inside and I'm coming to realize there's an extremely limited time you can actually milk pregnancy to get favors.

Eric's family visited from Ohio for the big occasion and anytime people come from out of state, there's only one way to celebrate. Crab cakes (or actual crab, so technically two ways).

Photography courtesy of our waitress. You'd think she might have mentioned that my MIL was half hidden.
I'm an amazing wife, so I designed Eric a shirt on etsy to celebrate his new title and included it in the "relax" gift basket I gave him. The rest of the basket was basically junk food and a massage gift card.

It's especially great because it has a subtle double meaning.
Is it just me, or do weeks before a three day weekend go by exceptionally slow?

Do you enjoy graduations? It was fun going to Eric's, but I think I'm done with them for myself. Apparently I can attend one for my masters degree in August, but I'm heavily leaning towards no.


  1. Ha, I didn't go to my graduation for my masters either. I was just so DONE at that point. My mom threw a small party so we ate cake and played croquet in the backyard and drank too much wine. That's how I like to celebrate :)

  2. Congrats to Eric!!

    Definitely milk the pregnant thing. I used it as much as possible.

  3. I hate graduations. So long and so boring. And they always pronounce my name wrong. #graduationrage

    Congrats to Eric and pretty soon I'll be saying congrats to you too :)

  4. Several thoughts here:
    1.) After going to Travers' graduation, I decided I had seen enough and skipped my own. I don't regret it one bit.
    2.) Congrats to Eric!
    3.) Awesome shirt.
    4.) I kept referring to Friday as "tomorrow" today and people were looking at me strangely all day. Yes, this is the slowest. week. ever.
    5.) Way to get your hydration on. I can't believe they tried to take water from a pregnant woman!

  5. Big congrats to Eric. You look fantastic in all those photos, by the way. Can't wait to see you guys! And can't wait for three day weekend either...

  6. Congrats to Eric! I love the shirt you made, I may have to steal that idea in December when Justin graduates. Mostly because we have a 2 thumbs joke between the 2 of us.

  7. Pretty cool you were both going for your Masters at the same time. So you can both be social life-less together. When I was in school, I would do homework while my husband played video games. Not exactly a school work motivator.

    Congrats Eric!

  8. When I get pregnant I plan to milk it for as much as possible. And I hate graduations--Soooooooo boring. Just let me get my diploma and take a pic and let's get crunk.

  9. Congratulations to Eric! That is awesome!

    I went to my graduation and it was nice....a good way to celebrate all that hard work. You should go!

  10. Also I cannot believe it is only Thursday. I am dying at the office. Almost my whole team took tomorrow off too....I didn't, because I couldn't convince Patrick to take it off and who wants to waste PTO on their own? No thanks.


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