Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Today's WTF moments (edited version)

This is one of those days where it seems everyone on earth has conspired to annoy the crap out of me, and IT'S WORKING. Here's a few WTF moments I can share without getting fired or facing other consequences.

Please, please keep continuing to point out to me how hot I'll be when I'm pregnant in August. Because there's so much I can do about that, and it's BRAND NEW INFORMATION.

This is the one gif you're getting, enjoy it.

Yes, I am so dumb for planning it that way. Because my plan was totally focused on "what can pregnancy do for me?" and not at all "have a baby".

Also, according to blogs, I'm doing this all wrong and I'm supposed to be preparing a gift for my husband, to make his time in the delivery room more enjoyable. Silly me, I thought moving his son from the inside of my body to the outside was gift enough.

I'm sick of being stupid. I was all upset that the book that I wanted to read isn't available on kindle. Well, it is, I just either can't type the name in right or I lack reading comprehension. Or both. Also, I've had to edit this post twice now to add more WTF moments that I forgot.

I went to a 5:45 am class this morning and it was canceled. I didn't find out until I was at the gym without my phone or even headphones, so I was forced to use the elliptical in silence. I could only take 30 minutes of that.

I've now had this idiot's dog next door run at me barking wildly THREE times when I've left for work. I've had to frantically sprint back inside or to my car, whichever was closer. Last time he tried to tell me that his dog was a therapy dog, so it was fine. Oh, I guess if a complete stranger has some dumbass explanation for why their insane offleash dog tries to attack me, that's cool then. He tried to say his dog could help me with my intense dog phobia. Um, you know what does help me? Visiting my friend's dogs, since they've put in significant time and effort to train them and they don't try to attack strangers. The local animal control is very difficult to get ahold of, and he doesn't actually live next door, he works at the office building there. Now Eric just leaves at the same time as I do so he can walk me to my car to protect me. Don't worry though, vengeance WILL be mine.

Apparently I rely on the placebo effect of decaf coffee. I skipped it today to focus on water so I didn't get dehydrated and feel like crap, like yesterday. It worked, so yay, but I felt like I could fall asleep on my feet for like the first 3 hours at work.

Daycare. I called like 6 the other day and guess how many returned my calls? Zero. Apparently there are so many screwed parents who need childcare that they don't have to give a crap or operate in any sort of professional, businesslike manner. So that's awesome.

I'm getting literally hundreds of spam blog comments per day. I woke up yesterday to 277 of them, and it's averaging 50-100 an hour. I don't know how to fix this. Please help. I tried word verification and that didn't work.

That's probably sufficient for now. 2 more days until it's bachelorette weekend! Sorry there's no gifs in this post, I'm tired now.

Feel free to share one, or all, of your WTF moments of the week.


  1. I would totally call animal control on that neighbor. I've done it before and I like dogs.

  2. that's one thing I'm not looking forward to about being pregnant--hearing things from people that I've already heard a million zillion times. That's why whenever I see a pregnant person, I don't even mention they're pregnant. I'm sure they're sick of talking about it, I just hope they don't think I'm being rude. I think that they are secretly thanking me in their heads for not mentioning the obvious. People should be smart like me, we would all win.
    oh and this quote? "I'm sick of being stupid." you should put that on a t-shirt and market it.

    1. I love talking about it, bc it's such a huge deal, I'm just sick of
      People pointing out the negative when it's things I obviously have no control over!

    2. Also, genius idea on the tshirt!

  3. The main WTF moment was when I opened my Anatomy and Physiology book to start on my first assignment for the summer. I always thought I knew a lot about that human body but not when it involves atoms or when the actual meaning of electrolytes isn't something along the lines of "a drink like Gatorade."

  4. one positive thing about being really pregnant in the summer is that you can get away with buying flow-y non-maternity dresses that you can actually wear after you have the baby :) or just wear the ones you already have. miles was born in the middle of september and i was able to limit the actual maternity clothes purchased. with signe i was really pregnant in the winter and had to buy pants, work clothes...the whole deal. it felt like a waste! as a side note everyone always talks about how much they love maternity pants - i hate them. i feel like they never stay up...and when they do that big panel itches like crazy. personally, i think being in the "big" stage of pregnancy is better in summer - also when you have the baby the weather will be mild (hopefully) and you'll be able to get outside, go for walks, etc. i think fall is the perfect time to have a baby!

  5. I'm getting a TON of spam too. I didn't check my blog for 5 days last week, came back: 4000 spam comments. And like, 7 of them made it through to moderation. I know my friend Michelle is having the same problem. She thinks it has something to do with Jetpack but I'm not convinced.

  6. I'm due in September too, with my second. The comments that make me rage:
    1) Oh ha ha, August will be really hot. What were you thinking?
    2) Did you mean to get pregnant so soon? That's pretty quick. (It's our second baby, and our first will be 17 months when #2 shows up.)
    3) You're done now right?

    I have resorted to saying things along the lines of, well, my husband is just that good in bed, so what could I do? Mostly people get uncomfortable and STFU. I don't even feel bad about it because I don't really want their opinions about anything. :)

  7. I can get you a taser for your birthday. Legally you can taze an unleashed dog that comes up to you. They even make cute pink ones!

  8. Oh man! I've only recently started getting comments from strangers and coworkers about my pregnancy. Luckily nobody has pointed out how hot I'll be since I'm due in late July.
    I'm pretty sure a baby is gift enough for your husband. That's what mine is getting!
    Your daycare experience sounds awful. I've contacted 3 and they've all gotten back to me really quick and scheduled tour appointments. My biggest issue is trying to make a decision on which one to choose!
    I'd be pissed if someone's dog came after me! If it happened once and the owner was able to get the dog under control I think it's forgivable but multiple times where the owner could care less is not cool.

  9. Therapy dogs are still required to be on leashes. If you taze the dog you should taze the owner while you're at it though.

  10. If you were having a winter baby, people be telling you, Oh, you're going to slip on ice when you're nine months pregnant! I wonder if people make comments to spring or fall parents. Oh, you're due in April? Man, you're going to have really bad hay fever then. What were you thinking?

  11. Ok, I just left a comment and your screen went to error so I have no idea if it went through?!

    1. Nope, apparently not. Man, it was a long one too! Basically, spambots took down my site a few times but I'm not on Blogger so I'm worthless for you :)

  12. I'm really behind on my blog reading, but you should pepper spray the dog. And that is my opinion as a dog lover and dog owner. Untrained off-leash dogs piss me off.


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