Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We're halfway there

Today is the 20 week mark! For those not in the know, like my husband, your due date is on the day you hit 40 weeks. This makes today the halfway point!

Today is also one of my favorite days of the year: field day. I usually participate like crazy and race all my boys, but this year it would have just been embarrassing (they always beat me, but usually I can at least hold my own).

I had a great week of runs last week. My total was somewhere around 22 miles, which might even be a pregnancy high, too bad I'm too lazy to actually check. Naturally, that meant it all came crumbling down this week. Getting out of bed sucked even more than usual. Monday I did 30 Day Shred (a 25 minute workout) in the am, and an on demand "Skinnygirl" yoga workout in the pm. Tuesday I attempted to run 5 miles. I made it 2.5. My body was just really, really pissed about the fact that I was attempting to run, and not sleep. But I did spend 7 hours chasing children around outside, so there is that.

As if hitting the 20 week mark (I have serious been looking forward to that for some time now) AND field day wasn't exciting enough, I got THREE gifts this morning before the bell even rang, and I'd like to brag about them.

From my secret random acts of kindness pal at work. Naturally I ate half the bag at lunch and then felt ill, because I'm wise and make smart choices.
From my awesome teammate! More baby books to read this summer! Now I need a food processor....
The last one is from my college interns - I have amazing interns this semester, which is gift enough, and I don't even mean that sarcastically. Apparently my baby bump is somewhat visible because they caved and asked me if was expecting last week, after suspecting for awhile. They gave me this adorable gift card today!

The wise choice would be to save this and not blow it all on cute clothes. I don't make wise choices (see above).

It's funny how being asked about your baby bump when you are actually pregnant isn't offensive or upsetting at all! Side note - the person who asked me about it in August noted last week that she was a little early with her congrats. Yeah, just like five months, totally NBD.

Some other random crap I'd like to share:

1. My #1 pregnancy pain is being clumsy, because it causes me to injure myself in really dumb ass ways. For reasons that are complicated and boring to explain, on Sunday I crushed my finger under the heavy laptop and lap desk, and couldn't get it out for a minute. To make matters worse, I still don't bruise, evidently, so I don't even have a battle scar to legitimize the agony I experienced, AND Eric was taking a nap at the time so I didn't even have anyone to whine and cry to.

Then last night, I tripped and slammed my foot into the lap desk for the tablet (totally different item). The bright spot was that this time I have something to show for it. I hate when people post wound pictures, but then I realized that meant I've looked at enough, so I'm sharing mine. You've been warned.

It hurt.
2. Chipotle was BOGO today for teacher appreciation day. We may work thankless jobs with crappy pay and suffer bladder infections from never getting to pee, but dammit one day a year we get a free burrito (with the purchase of an equally priced burrito). Good thing I chatted with Eric a bit before he lapsed into his post burrito coma.

Two hours later, he hasn't moved.
3. We are also halfway through season 4 of Game of Thrones. This is very sad news and something we shouldn't dwell on because it's just too upsetting. Now that the series is deviating somewhat significantly from the books, I will be enforcing a social media blackout each week starting at 9pm on Sunday night until we watch (usually Monday night). I deleted my twitter and Facebook apps right on time this week. After 24 hours of going dark, it turned out no one noticed, I missed nothing, and my life didn't change at all.

While I was suffering from intense pain due to my injuries, I was really focused on thinking about all the Game of Thrones battle wounds/torture and how much more THEY must have hurt.

What's your bright spot and annoyance today?



  1. I could go back and look but I'm too lazy so remind me again when we get to find out what it is that you are having? I keep thinking I'll get to find out but it never happens!!! My highlight of the day was my kids actually behaving at the Library. I bought them cookies and chips as a thank you.

  2. Bright spot? It's 5am, so coffee.

    Down side? Hmmm...the allergic reaction I was having on Monday isn't totally gone (although much improved! thank you predisone!). Apparently, mango plants contain the same oils as poison ivy (to which I am super allergic). Did I mention mangoes were on sale last week? So I bought a bunch and have been peeling them...and by Monday, had hives and sores on my hands, neck, and stomach (because I spread the oils any time I touched anything). Yeah, I'm an idiot.

  3. Bright spot well it is pretty early but right now it is the quiet of the house before anyone else gets up, my cup of coffee and i am about to do some yoga. Annoyance.. the snow out there

    Hope your toe feels better soon!

  4. I actually stopped watching GOT when I read about the Cersei/Jamie rape scene. I think I'll just stick with the books.

    My bright spot this week is that I might finally not be pregnant when it's over!

  5. I got three episode three of GoT! Man, the new Daario is killing me. Nowhere near as good as the old one...so I'm calling him my annoyance.

  6. I can't believe you complain about pictures I send you in email when you post your toe looking all Tosh-level nasty :P


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