Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have suffered some really serious first world pain this week. Let's complain about it.

1. I had to go back to working FULL TIME yesterday. Unacceptable.

2. The floors at my school were being waxed, so we met at a park for team building activities. We were told it would be catered. I'm a psycho about bringing my own lunch anyway to things like that, because I've suffered before. But, I've had some good vegetarian meals at catered things recently, so I thought maybe the tide was turning. Plus, I was assured on Friday that there would be a meal for me. Plus, I HATE making lunches, and after my triathlon on Sunday, I wanted to put that horrible task off for one more day.

I never got super hungry after my triathlon on Sunday (if you follow me on Twitter, you may recall I ate a bowl of cereal at 3:45 and that was dinner), so naturally, the bottomless pit hunger hit me on Monday, and I was ready to gnaw my arm off about an hour after breakfast. Because I was also too lazy to pack snacks, I grabbed random stuff before I left, so I had a bag of a few pieces of raw red pepper around 10am. In the lunch line, I was starving, and couldn't wait to grab the specially labeled "vegetarian" wrap.

It was freakin lettuce. In a wrap. Like literally, a handful of bagged lettuce, on a wrap. No cheese, condiment of any kind, nothing. To add to my first world pain, "lockerz" keeps putting an ad over the picture when I try to screengrab it from Twitter, and I already deleted it from my phone, so I can't even show you. Also, we were in the middle of nowhere, I hadn't even driven, and the only other snack I had was a nectarine. Luckily, my friend got a second sandwich and was nice enough to give me his cheese, and they had a few packets of mustard out.

The afternoon of team building activities was a blur of standing in the sun trying to untie knots by putting your entire body through them and lining up planks to get across a field, but my main goal was not passing out from hunger.

3. After I went home and devoured some real food, I got back into my habit of getting snacks and lunches ready for the week, and couldn't wait to go to yoga. It was canceled for two weeks while they cleaned the rooms they have classes in at the YMCA (I can clean a room in under an hour, but apparently it takes them two weeks, whatev). After running 18 miles and completing my first triathlon this weekend, I was ready for some serious stretching. When I got to the Y, I was informed there was no yoga. Apparently this was only the second week of the cleaning. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

I considered going for a walk, but I'd spent enough time in the sun, so I decided to do some On Demand yoga. Apparently On Demand "Yoga" is code for "sneaky ab workouts". Not that my abs couldn't use a workout, but I really just wanted to stretch my legs. I stuck with one 15 minute workout that was pretty much abs and thigh toning, since it can't hurt, then managed to find a 20 minute routine that was actually yoga and stretched my legs.

Do you see how I suffer? Thank god my #firstworldpain was eliminated when I made myself an amazing dinner and the How I Met Your Mother with the love of my life, Katy Perry, was on. 
Wouldn't we all rather look at that, than ugly nasty bagged lettuce on a wrap anyway? Plus, I love NPH. Let's just look at Katy a little more.
Speaking of the love of my life, I'll probably never meet Katy, so I'll celebrate today being Eric's birthday.

We are not celebrating until this weekend, I got some great suggestions on twitter to cook him dinner to make today a little special. But, I forgot it's his trivia night. So he will get (one of) his  favorite dinner (s) - wings. Cooked by people who know how, at a restaurant. In terms of trivia, the best gift I could give anyone is to NOT be on their team. Actually, it would be to join another team, but I'll settle for just staying home and going to sleep. Wife of the year, right here.


  1. I HATE when my work provides lunches. I think I'm going to take the blog world's advice and just bring my own even when they promise to provide something for me. I always end up eating a roll with some cheese and mustard on it. Gross.

  2. love the first world pain post. i never touch "catered" lunches because it's usually crap or smothered in some type of god awful spread. eww.

    i love NPH and How I Met Your Mother. best show ever.

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA This was hilarious! I love Eric's face with the cupcake- happy birthday to him! And I SO feel you on the a) going back to work thing (we don't go back until September in Canada, but I have equal anxiety) and b) the food at the staff luncheon thing!!! I honestly think it's why I'm not a vegetarian- there just isn't enough options when socializing. I don't want to have to bring my own food to a restaurant. Last year I ordered the veg meal at a staff function and I got a huge lettuce leaf with a bunch of rice, mushrooms and corn on top in the shape of a container. It was disgusting and obviously whatever they could find in the kitchen. Gross. I feel for you, girl.

  4. Lettuce in a wrap would change my mind about the whole vegetarian thing pretty quickly! One time I asked for the vegetarian entree at a wedding because I hate crab (the other choice) and it was just vegetables. JUST vegetables. Yum.

    I'm so excited to run the A-10 with you this weekend, it's borderline ridiculous. :)

  5. First world pain--it's tough! I hate when "vegetarian" is code for "we took the meat out of the meal". Ugh.
    Happy Birthday Eric!

  6. haha... I'm with you on number 1! Next week anyway.

    Mm, lettuce wrap, sounds delish. Maybe you should have allowed yourself to faint so you would have an excuse to leave the "team building" shenanigans.

    Last summer my school district took 6 weeks to pack up my computer/office furniture/boxes and move it 4 miles from my old office to the building where my students actually are. It's not that it took them 6 weeks to get around to putting it on the truck...it disappeared from my old office and did not reappear at my new office for 6 weeks. Amazing.

    Happy birthday to your hubby!

  7. Going back to work is always a rude awake for me, even more so with teaching. Getting back into making lunches, waking up early, and doing things on others time is always hard to adjust. Good luck girl!!

  8. 1. you vegetarians crack me up.

    2. HIMYM starts up again Sept 19th (it's on my calendar.) That is also "Talk like a pirate day". That is also on my calendar.

    3. That picture of Katy Perry with the umbrella makes her look like Zooey Deschanel, who is MUCH cooler than Katy Perry.


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