Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our butts remain unslashed

This past weekend I traveled to Mebane, NC, with Eric, Carolyn, and Casi. We went to visit our friends Nicole and Mike, to celebrate Mike's birthday. 

Here's some highlights:
Margaritas so big we had to connect two straws just to drink them

Delicious, HOT Mexican food

The BEST frozen yogurt flavors and do - it - yourself toppings. I got a little carried away with the sprinkles.
We went outlet shopping, and had amazing deals like this
And this - who DOESN'T want an adult sleep sack for $10? This was an actual purchase.

I have noticed many plates are left like this at birthday parties:
Casi was nice enough to donate this actual model to my belly.
And I generally leave my cake like this:
Actual bald birthday cake from Saturday night.

So, I made a friendly, general announcement, that if people were not planning on eating all of their frosting, I would happily take their leftovers. 

So, imagine my dismay when I saw another party guest just THROW A PLATE OF FROSTING AWAY like it was nothing.
Just totally unacceptable. Completely rude. 

Coming home, we have to travel through Virginia and the DC metro area, so we really took extra care never to leave our butts unattended. Have you heard about the serial butt slasher on the loose in that area?

This week marks the beginning of my 50 Mile training plan. It's been pretty easy training for a 50 Miler. In fact, it's involved no running at all so far.
Monday is a cross training day, so I went to Body Pump in the morning. Monday evening I met Lily for another bike ride on the hilly course of our upcoming triathlon. 

Poor Lily left work to come meet me, and I got stuck in traffic, so she had to spend an entire hour in the car waiting for me, while my normally 30 minute trip took 90 minutes. Which meant a 6:30 bike ride started after 7:30. Which meant an evening bike ride turned into a nighttime bike ride unexpectedly.

I am normally terrified of speed, especially on downhills. So once the sun started setting, I was surprised to find myself pedaling into downhills without the beginnings of a panic attack, since I was more afraid of getting stuck on country roads with no streetlights in complete darkness than losing control on a downhill, I guess.

We got back before it was completely dark, but just barely. Lily pointed out it was good training for our 50 Miler anyway. Next time, we bring our headlamps. We covered 18.4 miles in 1:24, so I think that was good pacing, especially on the hills.

I am headed to the track tonight, and I have a 17 miler and an 11 miler planned BEFORE work later this week, so somehow I don't think this training plan will stay easy for long.

Have you ever been at a birthday party with someone as weird as me? 

Have you ever bought or seen anyone buy anything as weird as Nicole's sleep sack?


  1. You should have then strategically placed a plate of frosting so she sat on it. My mom only eats the frosting too.

    I want a sleep sack.

  2. Wooo that outlet deal is a STEAL! haha

    And who doesn't like frosting?!

  3. i once got a "slanket" for my birthday a few years ago. it's similar to the sleep sack. it was a gag gift but i have been known to wear it around the house on occasion. don't judge...it was cold out!

  4. Nice outlet steal! I wish they had outlets in MT! Mmm I love cake. The whole thing, so I would not be throwing away me frosting or giving it to you. :)

  5. We would make a great team...I mush prefer the cake to the frosting! ;)

    And a sleep sack sounds awesome!!

  6. 1 cent off? I hope you snatched that up!

    I thought the training plan said 18 and 10 for this weekend? Are you just being a rebel and doing 17 and 11 instead? :)


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