Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aren't blogs required to be random on Thursdays?

Since this blog is about running, starting off and talking about running doesn't really fit into the "random" theme that so many blogs follow on Thursdays. Oh well.

Last night I went to the track for more partner 800s. I did eight of them total, with some warming up and cooling down for a total of just over 5 miles. Most of them were an average of less than 8  minute miles so I'm calling that a win.

I got home close to 9pm last night and was up at 5:20 am today for an 8 mile run. My legs were pretty tired but the run wasn't too bad. I finished in 1:16:05, for an average 9:30 pace. Out of curiosity, I wore my heart rate monitor, and saw that my average heart rate was 174. I looked back at some old runs where I used to wear the HRM all the time to compare, and saw the average was mostly in the mid-high 160s - so maybe this morning's run was a little extra tough? Except then I noticed that all those runs were way faster than now, and then I got depressed....what's my problem? Why can't I pick up the pace these days?

Ok here's some random stuff:

1. Triathlons are harder than road races. Specifically because I had to take a forty minute drive to have my bike "inspected" for the triathlon. 

 After spending literally about 15 seconds testing my brakes, I got this sticker.

1.5 hours in the car well spent.

2. Here's a look at the less glamorous, more life threatening side of teaching that they fail to mention in college.

 I'm not saying they "made" me stand on a rickety ladder while I was soaked in sweat and hang letter cards above my head, but teachers are required to hang them, and the only place they stick is on the cork strip 2 inches from the ceiling, do the math.

3. Trader Joes got me again. I went for staples like frozen broccoli, greek yogurt, and avocados (yes these are all "staples" in my life), and ended up with this.

 4. I brought my camera to the farmer's market to try to take fun pictures like other bloggers seem to. Apparently they attend Utopian farmer's markets where everyone stands in line and speaks politely, because the one I go to is like one of those 90% off wedding dress sales where brides trample each other to death. If I ever tried to capture an artistic image of zucchinis, I would never make it out alive. So here's three different kinds of delicious melon I got suckered into buying and can't even eat until tomorrow.

5. I love my breadmaker, but unfortunately not all pieces are uniformly sandwich size, so at the end of the loaf I end up with a Boca burger that looks like this. Still delicious though.

To celebrate the fact that I survived climbing the scary ladder over and over, I'm meeting Casi downtown for some truck that's driving around giving out free ice cream, massages, and manicures. That's all I know,  but how can that NOT be awesome?

How can I get faster like I used to be? Just suck it up and stop whining about it?


  1. That sounds like the greatest truck ever invented...or possibly a kidnapper. I haven't decided.

    Mike would be so disappointed you let the grocery store win, buying things off list.

    Teachers are like evel knievel with their stunts.

  2. Technically, you can write your blog about anything you want, even on Thursdays.

  3. Speed work and tempos are the way to go but if your focus is 50-miler training, then I wouldn't worry about speed and just concentrate on increasing your endurance. Think of it this way, were you an ultramarathoner when you ran those fast times?!

    You are training to run 50 miles. 50 miles!!!!! Give yourself some credit cause I think it's pretty damn impressive!

  4. Random Thursdays are code for "I got shit to talk about" so kudos for staying on topic.

    I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to handle that ladder. That's how bad my fear of heights really is.

    Remember that dude from Rosaryville who was like "I like to just run and keep my heart rate in the 160s, whatever pace that might be" and then that fucker lapped us?

  5. Our farmer's market seems a bit like a free for all too. Crazy. I don't seem to do random thursdays either.

    That is a long drive to get your bike brakes inspected, all for a sticker!

  6. I like your loot from Trader Joe's!

    Was the weather similar for the runs you are comparing HR for? Aside from more obvious things like length and intensity of run, I find temperature/humidity and how hydrated I am/level of coffee in my system make a noticeable difference in my HR.

    Princeton Sports sounds like it should be a store up by me... is there a Princeton, MD?

    Hope that truck was as awesome as it sounds!

  7. Your HRM is telling you that that is WAY too early in the morning for humans to get up to run, unless there is a race involved, where race is a codeword for something with free drink and food.

  8. Also, the more trainingscientificalletically-minded might say that doing intervals the night before may not be the way to get your fastest performance early the next morning, much less way-earlier-than-earlier-than-early.

  9. Standing on a ladder in flip flops. You're like a stunt man!

    Ice cream, massages, and manicures? I'm with kari, sounds suspicious.


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