Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5 at 5

Last night, I was really excited to go to Body Attack, the best exercise class ever. So excited I actually was planning to work out at 6:30 pm, and I am so NOT a night exerciser! Chasing little kids all day saps my energy a little bit. But, I got called in for emergency tutoring (sounds made up but I swear it happened) in the opposite direction, and ended up leaving later than usual so Body Attack was out. In the car I tried to talk myself into the elliptical for a low impact workout but I just could not get psyched up for staring at that little clock for 50 minutes, even with the prospect of a brand new Self. So, I did Jillian Michael's Boost Your Metabolism - such an awesome workout. And today I didn't feel nearly as sore as after the marathon like I did last time -score!

This morning I was up at 4:40 and out the door by 5 for a 5 mile run. This was my first solo early morning run since the marathon. I was nervous it would be tough with the cooler temps (mid 30s when I left), plus I haven't been working out in the morning recently since all the fun classes seem to be at night. I actually felt really strong and had awesome negative splits.
Mile 1 - 10:35
Mile 2 - 10:04
Mile 3 - 9:39
Mile 4 - 9:28
Mile 5 - 9:02

It was one of those runs where I was just loving running the whole time. I only have one early morning running route that is well lit with sidewalks, so I really need to explore the neighborhood because doing that out and back all winter and spring could get boring. I was dying to go to Zumba tonight at 6:30 but my lame grad class professor was talking our ears off about pointless stuff that is so not enhancing my teaching abilities, so I missed it. Sad. At least we have Halstead Zumba after school tomorrow!

I just finished the book The Help. I think one thing I want to do on this blog is review books, since I read a decent amount. Plus then maybe I'll have a log of what I've read, so I won't get to the last chapter of a book and realize I already read it, which has actually happened to me. I would tell you the name of that book but I actually can't remember it. True story. Book review coming!

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