Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

YMCA Towson Turkey Trot - Worst race ever! You can't really tell from this picture, but we were completely soaked and had to take the picture in the car with the heat blasting because I planned to get in the shower immediately when I got inside the house. I ran to the YMCA where the race started, a little over 4 miles. The race was only a 5K and I felt that didn't quite cover the amount of calories I planned to eat (7.5 miles probably didn't either, but it put a bigger dent in it at least). It was just sprinkling and not too cold, so a good run, I was just worried about making sure I got to the race on time. I got there about 20 minutes before the race start, got my chip and found Casi, and we started looking for Eric and Carolyn. Eric was pretty important since he had Casi's race bib, and she couldn't get her chip without it. The race started at 8, and the two of them got to the YMCA at 8:00 on the dot! They threw their bibs and chips on, and we started after the walkers. We had been standing outside in pouring rain for the past 20 minutes and it continued to pour as we ran. Casi and I decided to just take it easy and chat, which made the race much better, as my hands were numb and throbbing. I'm not even sharing the time but lets just say we had fun catching up on our weekends. The second Eric crossed the finish we started the tortuous freezing cold half mile walk to the car. We had to sit there for like 10 minutes until Eric's hands regained feeling so he could drive. He took the picture below of me at a stoplight because that was apparently the only position I could sit in trying to warm my hands.
I took the longest, hottest shower EVER at home - I think I even fell asleep for a few minutes! Once the coffee was brewed Thanksgiving was officially starting on the right foot. We watched the Macy's Parade while talking to family on the phone and beginning our cooking. We had already had onethanksgiving in Rochester, we were going to a friend's house for number two, but we were only responsible for a few easy sies. We didn't start on a single dish until about 10:30 Thanksgiving morning! I wanted to start the night before but yet another pile of insurance paperwork had arrived in the mail so that idea was out. We were only bringing two side dishes and a pie, nothing time intensive or difficult.

HUGE fight over how thin to cut the apples for the pie, which included yelling and stomping in the kitchen, and updating facebook statuses to gather more opinions on the topic. And when I say huge fight I mean we were simultaneously yelling and laughing hysterically. We were both pretty serious about our positions though. Thin DOES NOT mean the width of a sheet of paper - plus it was already noon - who has time for that? We compromised somewhere in between our relative opinions on what constituted "thin". The pie came out delicious, along with Sarah's amazing pumpkin/vanilla/gingerbread trifle! And sadly that's the only picture that exists of either one of my dinners - both times I was too busy digging in to worry about photography. Turkey and mashed potatoes all look the same anyway.

After dinner involved a lot of football for everyone else and a lot of magazine reading for me. I've been working on my black friday shopping in my robe on the couch - why didn't I think of this genius idea before? I think unless you are going for the big ticket electronics, you can pretty much get the same deals and most places have free shipping anyway.

Getting ready to head to a body pump/spinning double header, then it's time to clean up this dump (still haven't unpacked from last weekend - oops) and get it Christmasized!

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