Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sometimes wine is the only medicine

So I have been trying to keep the blog about my nonwork life in the hopes of avoiding getting fired on the off chance anyone reads it. But since this story was on the news I don't think I am revealing anything. Yesterday I arrived at work with that wonderfully happy "It's Friday and Payday" feeling. I walked into the office and was told due to some error with payroll every teacher in the district didn't get paid, and we didn't know when that might happen. BTW, I am married to a teacher in the district, so that means NO household income at all. This was especially awesome since all of our bills are automatically debited on payday and had already come out, AND now I was supposed to go put on a happy face and entertain/teach/babysit 20 six year olds for the next 7 hours. Needless to say it didn't really go too well. Every teacher was basically panicking and flipping out, and we are only human, we did our best to teach like we normally do but kids pick up on emotions pretty quickly and there were some pretty bad ones all around. I had been having an especially rough week (not to be dramatic, but truly one of the worst in my teaching career) and that was the icing on the cake.

When I got home I realized there was an unopened bottle of wine in my fridge, and my husband, who most people avoid letting provide drinks, poured me a GIANT glass. By the time it was empty, that, combined with Eric's amazing feel better skills, I was MUCH happier. I texted Carolyn to tell her that I had planned on showering and looking pretty for her birthday dinner that night, but instead I just drank wine and cried. Most people might find that odd, but being a fellow teacher she completely understood how necessary that is sometimes.

We went out to a Little Havanna, a fabulous Cuban restaurant in Fed Hill. They have amazing mojitos and food. A night with good friends was exactly what I needed and I felt so much better. The mojitos didn't hurt either!

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