Thursday, November 4, 2010

Millions of Pears, Pears for Me

Let me preface this by saying, while I spent all day having fun at the Marine Corps Marathon with my friends, my wonderful husband spent the day doing the grocery shopping (at Costco on a Sunday, no less) and the laundry - he even folded it! So, clearly I have a true appreciation for all he does for me. However, he has what someone once called "ignoring the BMW in the grocery store". This theory states, if you send you husband to the grocery store and they are giving out free BMWs to every customer, he'll come home without one. Why? It wasn't on the list, of course! Naturally, Eric's slavish devotion to buying exactly the items on the list is my own fault, because I am a super picky control freak and will be upset if he comes home with the wrong thing. But anyway, when he went to Costco, he was unsure if pears/apples meant I wanted one or the other, or both. I was on the metro at the time and not responding to texts, so he got Costco sized bags of both. Then proclaimed he didn't like either and wouldn't help me eat them. So now I have about 10 pounds of fruit and due to my incredible cheapness, it's a race against the clock to eat them all. Literally been eating pear a minimum of three times a day. Here's some examples:

Pear in my cereal
Pear in my yogurt for a snack
Baked pear with vanilla ice cream as dessert
Pear/Pumpkin butter/Ricotta cheese "pizza" (on a sandwich thin)
And my personal favorite:
Millet with blue cheese, pumpkin butter, butternut squash and pear. BEST WIERD COMBO of throwing crap that's about to go bad in a bowl ever! Also includes roasted onions, grape tomatoes, and corn.

I am pretty proud of myself for my pear creativity. I hope they have some super human awesome nutritional powers because if they do I am living until I am 130. Maybe they make you run faster?? The apples seem to be holding up a little better so perhaps they can make it until it's time for Thanksgiving pie?

I did some more Zumba last night. We got a teacher from a local gym to come teach at a church near our school, so we have a special class for teachers from my school! It's a little awkward shaking your ass in front of all your coworkers, instead of a bunch of random strangers. Oh well, it's bonding!

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