Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekly summary

Amazing food: mashed sweet potato with gorgonzola, pumpkin butter, cinnamon and raisins - sounds wierd but so delicious, the sweet/salty combo of the pumpkin butter and blue cheese is perfect. Just close your eyes and try it and thank me later!

Workouts this week:
Monday - 32 minutes elliptical in the AM, Bikram yoga in the PM (and this yoga felt TOUGH - not sure why it seemed ever harder than usual? Maybe the metric marathon the day before?)
Tuesday - was going to be a rest day but I got out of class early, which meant I could make it to the world's greatest Zumba class, which was rare, so I had to take it! I'm embarrassed how far I drove in the rain to get there but it was worth it.
Wednesday - 10 m inutes elliptical, Body Pump - planned to go to PM Zumba but couldn't due to the car accident.
Thursday - felt pretty good so I attempted a run - mistake.
Basically I am freaking out because my old knee injury resurfaced (I had runner's knee last February) and my knee is NOT in any pain yet, but it feels off and I feel that wierd "it's not tracking right" feeling. So I've been RIC - ing like crazy (supposed to be RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation but I've only been doing the first three - actually just elevated it as I typed this and realized my mistake!). I keep trying to remind myself that I am doing the smart thing this time, as opposed to the last time I felt that twinge, which was walk all over Chicago and then run 12 miles and walk all over Chicago again, continuing running and ignoring the pain. I am taking today as a complete rest day and I am supposed to go to Zumba tomorrow, but I will force myself to skip it if I still feel off. I suck at this whole "rest" thing but I am trying to think of the long term. I did find a bruise on my knee yesterday (and I seriously need to get beaten half to death to bruise) so that must be from the accident? I don't remember hitting my knee but maybe I did?

So when I got home from my "run" (which involved walking most of the way back as soon as I felt my knee start up), this week continued it's hilarious joke on me. I took out my phone to see how many missed calls I had from insurance agencies, and all it would do was blink the Verizon wireless logo. I had a ton of errands to do involving various car/accident things (involving a brief panic attack when I walked out of the first store and realized I hadn't bothered to note the make, model, or even COLOR of my rental car and had no idea how to find it), and then went to a Verizon store. They glanced at it for about half a second before informing me they would order me a new one, it would arrive on Monday, and all my information would be lost. Aw gee, thanks universe!

Good - going to see Kathy Griffin and laugh my a$$ off after all this craziness
Not Good - taking medicine prescribed by doctor directly before performance, which involved nodding off 342 times and seeing two of her for most of the show

Good - going home to visit my alma mater and have thanksgiving this weekend!
Bad - NOTHING bad about that, it could not come at a better time! Family time makes everything better :)

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