Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chocolate Addict

Usually I feel like this. I could eat that whole bar and look just as blissful that whole time. I truly wonder if I have a chocolate addiction because it really feels like sometimes I eat a ridiculous amount and can't stop! This article states:

Chocolate is the most frequently craved food in women, and many women describe themselves as ‘chocoholics.’ Chocoholics insist that it is habit-forming, that it produces an instant feeling of well-being, and even that abstinence leads to withdrawal symptoms.

Oh it's habit forming all right! I can shun fried food, takeout, alcohol, etc but when it comes to chocolate I can't say no. I'm pretty much like a little kid on November 1st - I don't want to eat one treat a night, I want to kill that whole bag! Even though I am an adult and I know this will lead to sugar high, followed by the sugar crash, followed by a bloated belly ache, etc etc. But chocolate just tastes so good!

The reason I am writing this is Friday night, I bought some Wegmans bulk chocolate to eat in a movie (yes, I sneak food in, I am not paying 4 dollars when I could pay 50 cents. Also I can't be trusted with movie theatre size treats, see above paragraph). If you are familiar with Wegmans bulk chocolate, you know it's basically heaven in a plastic bag. I picked out a quarter pound of a variety of chocolate covered goodness. Normally, I would tell myself "don't eat the whole bag, don't eat the whole bag" and would inevitable, eat the whole flipping bag. Last night I just went with it and figured I'd eat what I ate. I had three pieces and was satisfied - I wasn't forcing myself to stop, I truly felt I had had enough! For a normal person this probably doesn't make sense but for me it's HUGE. Last night, I had a small serving of froyo, and instead of going back for seconds....then thirds....again I felt fine with one! AND even said I would go with my hubby to get McFlurries but I didn't want one, and that turned in to him flipping a bitch (u-turn) away from McDonalds!

Am I finally turning into a grown up who can eat normal amounts of chocolate and then stop??
Time will tell.....

Drinking my coffee (now there's one addiction I have NO interest in giving up) in my NYC mug this am in honor of the NYC marathon! Good luck runners! Maybe one day I'll be lined up in a corral with them?

Random story - one year I was there for the NYC marathon, visiting my sister, and I didn't even watch it! I did go for a run the morning before and a fellow B&B guest asked if I was running the marathon, so I said yes. At the time, I thought it was hilarious because like I would ever run a marathon!

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