Thursday, November 18, 2010

What else can happen?

It's been quite a week. I already b!tched and whined about not getting paid on Friday. On Monday, my friend Sue's car was vandalized at work - window smashed, frame bent, brakelights ripped out, etc. This happened in broad daylight, right outside the school which was filled with people. It's pretty frightening since nothing was stolen, it seems like it could be a personal attack. We work in a neighborhood that's not the safest, and now I really feel scared to be there. Being afraid to walk to your car after work even in daylight is not a good feeling. So, I've been taking her to work, and yesterday there was a tornado that went down her street! She lives only a mile away from me, but she had no power, huge trees knocked down, another friend's trampoline was knocked over and her gazeobo was blown to the neighbors yard! A mile away at my house, I didn't even know there had been a storm. So yesterday, I went to pick her up and we took an alternate route, since a tree had been knocked into the street we normally take and it was closed. In the car, while we were stopped waiting for traffic to move, she said to me "Wow, no pay on Friday, my car's been vandalized and now a tornado - what else can happen?" BAM another car smashed into mine! They hit me so hard that I hit the car in front of me, and that car hit the car in front of them! Once I calmed down and stopped shaking after the accident, I went to check out the damage and yelled "my marathon sticker is torn!". Because clearly that was my concern, not the fact that my entire bumper was destroyed!

We went to the hospital in an ambulance - a first for me! A nurse came into my room and asked if I'd take a shot for the pain. I told her no thanks, I prefer the pain. I have a really serious needle fear, like out of control. Then the doctor came in and started doing some arm and leg strength tests to make sure I had no injuries and told me I was no barbie doll. I took it as a compliment - I had just gone to body pump that morning and all. I was feeling pretty good until he told me to "grab my boobies and lift them up". Um, hello, are you a real doctor??? Is that a medical term? At this point I was pretty sure I was going to end up doing one of those shadow interviews on 20/20, but luckily he just checked my ribcage and gave me some prescriptions for painkillers and muscle relaxers. CREEPY. They told me not to run today but I'll see how I feel this afternoon. The police officer at the accident told me I would probably feel like I ran a marathon the next day, and I informed him I HAD actually just ran a marathon. Well, it's the next day, and I just walked to the bathroom by myself, so I am officially in better shape than after a marathon!

The car plowed into me when I was stopped on a residential street without ever hitting the brakes or attempting to slow down. I am so grateful that I am fine and no one involved has any serious injuries. The police officer said that it was likely he was texting - why else would you just hit a stopped car going full speed in broad daylight with nothing obstructing your view? It was a really stupid thing to do and now his insurance is going to skyrocket. If that had been on the expressway instead of a small street I hate to think how badly myself or others could have been injured. I have been guilty of it in the past but this really opened my eyes as to how dangerous it is to text while driving - all it takes is one second to look down and you could change your life or other's lives forever. I know I couldn't live with myself if someone was hurt or even killed so I could tell someone "I'm almost there". From now on, the phone will be down or if I am using it, I will be talking on my hands free set. This is pretty deep but it's important!

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