Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm famous!

I can't believe my story was just on Meghann's blog! I read it pretty much daily and feel like I was interviewed by a celebrity or something! I loved reading all her marathon stories for inspiration during training and try her meal ideas all the time. When I emailed her my marathon story I thought maybe in a few weeks she might put it up. By the time I got home that same day it was posted! I loved actually reading comments since so far there are zero over here on this blog :).

In other news, I got to be a marathon spectator this weekend. As soon as I got home I called my cheering section to thank them an extra time - it was hard work! Two of my fellow Baltimore Marathoners Lily and Jill and I went to the Marine Corps marathon in DC to cheer on our marathon coach and two other friends who were running, as well as the other 22,000 marathoners. I had thought Baltimore was a big race - WOW was I wrong! I couldn't believe how many marathoners and spectators were at Marine Corps - and it's still not even half the size of NYC or Chicago! We originally wanted to see our friends at various points but lack of planning eliminated that option, so we headed straight to the finish. My friend Katylin lives in the area and was nice enough to meet us at the metro station and escort us there.
After an hour or so of gentle pushing and rushing into people's spots the second they moved, we got up to the gate. It was like being at a concert, people were pressing into me from all sides and I couldn't move. We made it our personal mission to cheer on the runners like so many wonderful spectators did for us, and tried to yell out as many names as we could. "Our" runners were so happy to see us. It was seriously tiring though - we left my house at 8am, didn't get back until nearly 5pm and I think I was more tired than after a full day of work. It was intense but so much fun!

We didn't get any trick or treaters (luckily didn't get any candy either or there might be some serious sugar highs in my future) but still had a fabulous Halloween!


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  1. Awesome job on your marathon!! I signed up for my first one today!!


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