Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's time for #2!!

It's official - I am registered for the Shamrock Marathon!! I've known I wanted to do a spring marathon for awhile, and after much debate my friend Lily and I finally decided to head to Virginia Beach to do our 26.2 along the ocean. She works for a hotel so we got a room for two nights super cheap - do I know how to pick my friends and family or what? Free coffee, movies, and now hotel rooms! It's right after St. Patty's Day and looks like so much fun - the pics on the website show all these people dressed up for the holiday. Training begins December 18th - I'm a little nervous, because now it's almost like the pressure is on to improve my time. I have a goal in mind but I'm not going to reveal it to my one reader just yet.

This morning was my long awaited return to Body Pump. It was supposed to be last week but I set my alarm for 5pm instead of 5am, so you can probably guess how that went down. Can I just say how much I seriously love the YMCA? It's right across the street from my apartment. I woke up at 515, and was walking in the door at 530, and even had time to take out the trash. The class was 545-645 and I was ready for work by 7. (Obviously you can tell how much time and effort I put into my appearance). I'm showered and dressed and wearing deodorant so that's really all that matters. Plus I have Zumba after school anyway. I'm not usually one for two - a -days, but it just happened that two great classes fall on Wednesdays. It's basically strength training + cardio, just split into am and pm instead of all at once. After Body Pump, my legs were shaking when I bent down to get a new trash bag and my arms were shaking when I reached for it, which makes class success in my opinion. I literally probably hadn't been since last spring - maybe? It was like riding a bike though - the only difference was I was lifting significantly less weight. Time to build back up - and maybe not completely ignore my upper body during this marathon training?

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  1. I might be doing the Shamrock half marathon!! I have been talking with my coach about it and she really wants to do it!! I'll have to keep you posted and let you know if I do it!!! Next week, I am going to attempt morning workouts!! We will see how long that lasts!!


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