Friday, February 18, 2011

8 Miles of Misery

I try not to complain about things I love like running, or my husband too often, but even in the happiest of relationships, there are times when you feel less than loving. Running and I had a pretty major fight yesterday. My normal pre - tempo run anxiety had risen to astronomic levels. I had every excuse in the book going through my head before my shoes were even on "I feel sick, one run won't make a difference, I'm tired, I'll just do 5 miles, ok I'll do 8 miles but I'm not making them fast miles, etc etc whine whine more whining". I tried to focus on how great last week's tempo run was but my brain wasn't having any of my attempts at positive thoughts.

But, I knew nothing was really wrong with me so I forced my lazy self outside. The worst part was it was a completely beautiful day and I was totally not enjoying it. There is no other way to describe this run than the title: 8 miles of misery. My legs felt completely sluggish and I could barely even keep up 10:15, so I was a little confused as to how I would be attempting closer to 8:30 for the next 6 miles. Well, here's the times.

Let me just note that this was the exact same route that I did last week where my slowest mile was 8:45. Even though in my opinion these times are pitiful, I honestly felt like I was pushing myself so much harder than last week. This was a rare run where I don't think I enjoyed even a single second of it. But, what am I going to do if I feel tired or whatever during the marathon, just stop? I'll have to push through then, so I considered this run practice for when that time comes. Even though this run was so slow I felt great about forcing myself to finish it even though I constantly wanted to stop.

Only one more 8 mile tempo run, and I could not be happier. This is the hardest part of training by far.

I think this run was a clue that my legs need a break, so that's what I am doing today. I figured out that from last Saturday until today I have ran 50 miles!!!!
I'm sure I've never done that in a week before. 

Sunday, I am running my first relay race, the GW Marathon Relay. I love racing so I am hoping this will be where me and running kiss and make up.


  1. yeah, after 50 miles a break is definitely well earned! I want to run a relay! too bad I don't have enough running friends to get a team. sad face

  2. The bad ones definitely make you appreciate the good ones, that's fo sho.

  3. I always feel like I learn more from the bad runs than the good runs. Those are still some great mile times, even if it was painful to get there!

  4. It's good to know that everyone has at least one bad run! (Although i have to say, your times are still impressive to me!!)

  5. 50 miles! Dang Girl... I bet you just need a break and some fro-yo! Your dedication is aMaZiN'!!!

  6. 50 miles in a week is amazing!! I negotiate with myself about runs like that all the time! Glad I'm not the only one.

    Pitiful times for you = amazing times for me. What's your goal pace for your marathon next month??

  7. crappy runs make for good learning experiences ... think about what you did/ate the day before that may have made for a crappy run, and don't do it again.

    I usually find that my runs are extra crappy, quite simply, if I already ran the day before. My legs are just like "nope, uh-uh, not again"


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