Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm cheaper than you

I realized yesterday that every single blog I read talked about Valentine's Day, and I completely neglected to mention it. Somehow this year I was too busy eating cheesecake and frozen yogurt to remember to do anything special we decided that since we shower each other with love every day who needs February 24th?

I usually have a "heart healthy" party with my class where we learn about nutrition, exercise (dancing to the Cupid Shuffle), and this year we even did some yoga for kids. I ask the parents to send in healthy snacks, and send home a very specific list of what I want. I got potato chips, fun dip, and lollipops. Um, thanks for coming through, parents. You can just have that crap back.

President Obama was visiting a school about a mile away from mine, so I had a secret fantasy that he'd stop in, see my party, tell Michelle, she'd call and thank me for fighting childhood obesity with her, ask me to join her campaign, ask me go to the gym and spot her,  become her BFF....haven't heard from her yet though :(.

So with all that going on, Eric and I didn't really do much other than exchange cards. Last year on V-day we woke up at a friend's house, walked a mile to our car, only to discover it had been towed, and we had to pay a ridiculous amount to retrieve it. So waking up and seeing my car where I parked it, plus getting a funny card, seemed like a win.

So I was pretty surprised at work yesterday morning when this got delivered!

I appreciate both that he surprised me, and saved money by not sending flowers on the 14th. He knows the way to a cheapskate's heart.

Apparently I suck at math, because when I read the email from my marathon coach on my phone at lunch on Monday, I quickly added up the mileage and thought we were doing about 5 miles. Um, not so much. I got there and she told us we would be doing about 7 miles, with 5 miles of just speedwork. At the end, my Garmin said 8.2! 

I also suck at following my blog friend's advice on refueling, because my extra calories consisted of a few whole wheat triscuits with lunch (good) and three of the chocolates from Eric (bad). To be fair, I had two of the chocolates before I knew I was doing more mileage than I thought, so I thought it was just extra fat on my butt, not fuel for running.

We did a latter workout. Here's the email explaining it, with my average pace during each portion. I was mad about annoying stuff that happened at work, and running mad is the BEST way to get speedy, in my opinion!

Warm Up - Run to the Track
Set 1 - 1x through @ 10K/half marathon pace - jog a 400 between each of the below
1x400 (forgot to hit lap button, don't know)
1x800 (8:05)
1x1200 (8:08)
1x1600 (8:18)
Water Break
Set 2 - 1x through 5K/10K pace - jog a 400 between each of the below
1x1600 (8:00)
1x1200 (7:47)
1x800 (7:34)
1x400 (6:52)
Second set is faster then first set, really focus on feeling strong at the end
Cool Down - run back to your car
I'm proud of myself for pushing it and following the directions so well - when we first started track workouts, I was awful at pacing, and would always go out too fast. I feel like I'm finally getting the hang out it.

I just got back from Body Pump, and that seriously kicked my a$$. I hope the kids don't expect me to move at all today.


  1. I love how the parents still sent in junk. My friends who teach elementary always complain about that! Even for sports, the parents will bring donuts for the mid game snack instead of orange slices (even if they were told to bring a fruit). No wonder so many kids are heavy!

    I wish I had a fun running group like you, I never do fancy workouts like that!

  2. We used to call those pyramids in track in HS. I hated them, but you get a serious sense of accomplishment. I LOVE bodypump. You had a serious workout, you definitely deserve your coffee :)

  3. My class party was filled with sugary deliciousness, too. Just not exactly what I was wanting. Thank goodness we got to have our party on Friday so they could take that sugar rush home for the weekend instead of Monday.
    You make me want to be running again even more than I already do. I can't wait!!! Awesome job with your run!!

  4. LOL on the Michelle Obama fantasy.

    Sweet husband, sweet workout, Happy V-day!

  5. Sounds like you had a good day! And great job on your track workout!!


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