Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ode to Frosting

Things I love about blogging: the millions of "thank god it's not just me!" moments.

  • I was so glad to find out that other people are obsessed with frosting, because based on my birthday party/bridal & baby shower experience, that's not the case. The tables are always covered with people's plates with all the frosting left over and I have to exert all my willpower not to run around and gather them all up and lick it all up....or maybe that part IS just me.
  • I don't have a picture of myself eating frosting, because I eat it too fast for current photography to capture.
  • Other people get as excited as I do over blog comments from "famous" bloggers.
  • Irrational fear of speedwork/tempo runs has actually happened to at least one other person
Well that's just one thing, but that's all I feel like talking about right now.
Related thoughts:
  • Today one of my students brought me a piece of his birthday cake. I am usually totally opposed to eating stuff that I don't know where it came from, but after lunch it was just calling my name. It was like he had read my blog post and brought the piece with the giant frosting balloon that wierdo non - frosting lovers always avoid like the plague. I scraped off the balloon, threw the rest away, and had 41 seconds of heaven. And maybe even considered going in the trash for the rest....
  • I'm trying to get psyched for my tempo run tomorrow. Rain + snow melting today + overnight freezing temperatures is a really good recipe for an emergency room visit. So 8 tempo miles on the treadmill it is. I'm jumping for joy over here.
Unrelated Thoughts
  • I was lying this morning about everyone getting an A. First graders don't even get letter grades. Report cards took forever so all I got in was Jillian's Six Pack Abs for my workout. We'll just call today a rest day. Only one more day of abs and I'm DONE!
  • My mom sent me this awesome de-stress care package from whole foods and it arrived today, in the nick of time. She rules.
  • I can't get that picture to turn around - my copy is horizontal! 
It has all sorts of fun stuff like pillow spray, a bath pillow, bath salts, tea. It's like she heard my panic attack this morning when my report card comment file wouldn't open from 400 miles away.....

Getting packages makes any day great. Eating frosting on a day I get a package is just magnificent. Thanks, Mom!


  1. You have to love that questionable cake your kids bring you at school. I can usually pick the kids I think it would be safe from. : )
    Your mom sounds pretty fabulous!

  2. aww! I love getting care packages! My mom would send them to me when I was in college. :) Good luck with that tempo run on the treadmill!

  3. ahhhh! That is something I do not miss about first grade is their report cards! Letter grades are much easier! Glad you got a care package... sounds fantastic! Hope you have a great tempo run!!


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