Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Staycation in Williamsport

Saturday night, we had a little family reunion in the fabulous city of Williamsport, PA. My grandmother lives there. We live about 3 hours south, while Rochester, where I'm from, is about 3 hours north. So Eric and I headed up and met up with Gram, my mom, stepdad, brother, and sister, for a little staycation at the Hampton Inn. We are so used to driving the whole 6 hours to see my family, so getting to the halfway point and being done with the trip was a nice little treat.

I love the Hampton Inn. They give away free chocolate chip cookies at check in.

So, the reason I was in this position. As soon as I got in the car to get to my run on Saturday morning, (anyone else see the irony there?), I thought to myself "Oh, I forgot body glide...oh well". Um, lesson learned. Future marathoners, take note: You go back for body glide. No matter what. It doesn't matter how late it will make you. Trust me. If anyone out there ever takes away anything from this blog, that's it. Enough said.

We went to a microbrewery in Williamsport with my cousins that has some sort of coffee beer. I hate beer and don't think it should taint the wonderful taste of coffee, but my sister liked it. We also saw a live band, they were pretty...interesting, as random live bands often go. It was great to hang out and see everyone though.

My mom & I - we were sort of matching.
I feel this picture sums up our relationship.
Anyone interested in coming up with a caption?
Here's a close up of Eric's face.
I love my husband - I know my life will never be boring with him around!

After the band it was the moment I'd been waiting for - CHEESECAKE!

Obviously I would never choose just one kind (or stop at one piece) so I cut up one of each to make a little tasting plate.
It looks messy, cheesecake is hard to cut.
It was so delicious it makes me want to take off my wedding band and start doing cake tastings at every bakery I can find.

Now there's a face of satisfaction.

My sister and I got a little cold once I finally put the fork down.

In the morning, I worked out at the hotel gym, showered, was treated to a wonderful shopping trip at Wegmans (thanks Mom & Vince!!!) and we headed home to get ready for a Super bowl party/gathering at my friend Sarah's house.

Thoughts on the Superbowl
1. Sarah made amazing food.
2. Fergie is hot.
3. I got to a new level of Angry Birds.

And that's about as excited about football as I'll ever get.

Yesterday (Monday) I did my five mile easy run in 47:48, which is impressive considering how I had to walk over ice, or come to a complete stop when the sidewalk was impassable and there were cars coming with no shoulder.

Today we have our speed workout, which will be hill repeats, and apparently a wind warning will be in effect. BRING IT!!!

Last Random Thought: I am obsessed with staring at pictures of reading the blog of Hungry Runner Girl, and she's doing a giveaway, and chocolate is involved, so you may want to check it out.


  1. I did remember my body glide, but it couldn't hold up to running in the rain. So don't beat yourself up for not using it, you still would have weird chafing and blisters from running in the rain :)

  2. 1. Free Chocolate Chip Cookies at check-in? I have got to stay at the Hampton Inn.
    2. I would go a whole day without eating anythign else if that meant I got a piece of cheesecake. LOVE it.
    3. I watched the halftime show of the superbowl. That's about it. And, yes, Fergie is HOT.
    Looks like you had a fun weekend. Hope you don't spend too much time brushing up on your Texas History. : )

  3. Isn't Williamsport the home of the little league world series? haha. If that's the town I'm thinking of, we made the mistake of driving through the weekend of the "world series" two summers ago.

    I've never tried Body Glide, but I've also never run more than 13.1 miles.

    I definitely didn't take advantage of cake tasting as much as I should have while we were planning for our wedding! We crammed all our florist, cake, and bridesmaid dress stuff into a week around Christmas though, as we were planning a Rochester wedding from NJ.

  4. I know, who doesn't love hungryrunnergirl, right!?

    hahaha about the body glide. I've been running for over 10 years, and only in the past 2 years have I been having major chafing issues. Weird! I'm about the same size, i think my skin has just gone all sensitive on me.

    You are so cute and mischievous looking with your cheesecake

  5. Body glide will be on my list of things when I start marathon training!! That is, when I can run again! & chocolate chip cookies at check in? Why can't ever hotel be like this!!

  6. I love Body Glide! Chocolate Chip cookies at check-in sounds like the hotel I need to be staying at! Hope you had fun on your reunion staycation!

  7. So I'm waiting for a longer review of the cheesecake sampler. As in: which one was your favorite? What did Eric like best?


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